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Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
BEN HUR PP* 10/204498 Ben Pp Caytano PP 2014 Frame, Body length, Muscling
BERTRAM 10/200419 Billy Uruguay 1998
BOLINO 10/204319 Bolide Pp Norvegien 2010
BORAN 10/204345 BALOU GOLIATH 2010 Medium framed progeny with excellent muscling, Good beef-fat ratio
BRANCEILLE 10/202319 Objat Sylvestre 2016 Easy calving, suitable for heifers, Growth rate, Perfect for comercial crossbreeding
CLAUDIUS PP 10/204404 CLOVIS SISKO 2011 Length, Calving ease
CUB PP 10/204044 Overtime Pp Pilot 1998
HAGEN 10/200338 Haillon TITI 1997
IMAN Pp 10/204324 TST Ido Conquis 2010 Muscling, Feet & Legs, Medium size, Allround sire
INDIGO PP 10/204497 Index PP* Mateo 2014 Sexed semen aivailable, Naturally polled, Type traits
IRONMAN 10/204563 Iron Pp* Ulan 2016
JACOB PP 204635 Jaky Dnc Pp* Cyan PO 2017
JPEG PP 10/202200 ECHO PUR PS 2014 Muscling, Body depth, Good Feet & Legs
KANOS PP* 10/204493 TST Kant Heathrow 2011
KARL PP 10/204552 Khedira Tigris 2015 Homocygous polled sire with excellent performance, Suitable for pure- and crossbreeding
KLINT 10/204237 Kasper GALANT 2006 Production, Type, Pedigree
LUDWIG PP 10/204438 LEONARDO Pp ROLF Pp 2012 Easy calvings
MARADONA PP* 10/204360 C.n. Major Pp Tst Kentucky 2011 For heifers
MATEO PP 10/204280 MOSKITO DAUPHIN 2008 Wide Rump, Rapid Growth
MAX PP 10/204335 Mäcki Pp Gregor 2010 Type, Calm, Homocygous polled
MAXAR Pp 10/204631 Max PP* Star 2017
NAUTILUS PP* 10/204566 Nicolaus PP* Bruno PS 2016 Type, Interesting pedigree, Proven bull
NOEL 10/204545 BM Nelson PP* C.N. Rebel 2015
ORION 10/403640 Odeon Dauphin 2009 Beef performance, Type
PEER Pp 10/204422 Ponto Pp Un Grand 2012
RALF 10/204154 Renoir SL Louis 2003
REMBOLD PP 10/204392 Roland P Hergen P 2011
RON PP 204546 Rex PP* Tigris 2016
RONKO 10/204526 Rodrigo Roland 2015 Type, Daily gains, Calving ease
SAGON 10/204203 Sam Lagon 2005 Excellent fattening abilities, Late maturing, Do not use on heifers
SILVERBIRD 10/200653 Sunday Pp Sirocco 2000
TASSILO PP 204750 Tristan PP Lector PP 2019
TST KANOS PP 10/204493 TST Kant Pp Heathrow P 2011 Excellent loins, Lots of capacity, Wide rumps
TURBO Pp 10/204644 TST Tarzan Marcelino 2017 Feet & Legs, Claws
UNIKAT PP* 10/204483 Ulan P Callboy 2014 Highly productive homozygous polled Limousin sire, Well muscled, Easy calving

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Limousin cattle were imported to Germany for the first time in 1975. Since then, they have been one of the most important beef breeds in Germany besides Charolais. The breed is suitable for both pure breeding and cross breeding with other breeds.


Limousin cattle are single-colored light to dark red. They have clear brightening around the eyes, muzzle, pastern as well as scrotum and udder respectively.

Polled status:

Among this breed the animals can have horns or are genetically polled.


The medium-sized animals have dry, correct feet and legs. Hooves are light and strong. Neck and chest of the animals are compact with sufficient depth and width. Rumps are slightly sloped and body is well-proportioned and symmetrical. Moreover, they have strong muscularity on all meat body parts.

Production traits:

Limousin cattle are characterized by good fertility, good calving ease with sufficient milk production and good maternal qualities. In addition, they are adaptable and, therefore, especially suitable for pasture grazing. Another plus of Limousin cattle is high fattening yield with very good feed intake capacity and, thus, remarkable carcase yield with good meat marbling.





Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 150

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,150

ca. 775


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