Summery show "RinderVision" in Bismark

In summery temperatures, breeders from the breeding area of our partner RinderAllianz presented their most beautiful show cows to the national and international audience on June 2nd 2022. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, everyone present was in high spirits and happy to see each other again.

In addition to the 90 cows in the various age classes, daughter groups of our bulls Systole and Freezer, which were newly progeny-tested in April, were also presented. Both bulls have entered the top 20 of the Holstein list and their offspring impressively demonstrated the strengths of their sires.

Juliane Haßbargen judged the show classes from the hopeful heifers to the old cows that have already achieved a lot in their lives. Among the animals shown were several daughters of GGI-SPERMEX bulls which also placed at the top of their classes. Especially convincing on this day was the Kaluscho daughter SL Lauvaja, who won her class and was named Intermediate Reserve Champion.

The highlight of the show was of course the election of the Grand Champion. To the great applause of the audience, Juliane Haßbargen chose the senior champion, Urania, as the winner of the evening and gave the team around Urania a memorable end of the show day.

We congratulate the organizers on a great show after the long break and all winners on the performances of their cows!



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