Sommet de l’Élevage, France - Brown Swiss


German genetics at the Brown Swiss Show 2021 in Cournon

Brown Swiss Show

Last Friday, a trans-regional Brown Swiss Show took part at the Sommet de l’Élevage with 40 cows from all over France. The judge was Emeric Loosli, a passionate Brown Swiss breeder from Chazeuil/Nièvre. Also we from GGI-Spermex followed the competition with great interest, because there were several daughters of our sires.

In the first group of young cows, ANTONOV-daughter Peseta (GAEC CHAYRIGUES) won the second place. She convinced with her very fine body and the high udder. Also a young heifer of ANTONOV with high genomic values was sold at the auction after the show.

The VINOLD-daughter Lastar (GAEC DE FRAISSINET) impressed in the group of cows in the 3rd lac. with her well-developed, high rear udder. Among the cows in the 4th lactation, a highly performing daughter of HERCULES called our attention. In her 3rd lac., she gave over 12,200 kg of milk and proves once more that high performances and longevity are no contradiction.

Magic moments were for sure in the last groups with the old cows. From our well-known type specialist PAYSSLI, not less than three daughters in the 5th lactation or older took part at the championship – and they were absolutely breathtaking! If such grandes dames with so much elegance, charisma and type quality enter the ring, every Brown Swiss fan can only be excited. So it wasn’t a big surprise that PAYSSLI-Jet 27 (GAEC LES RIVIERES) won the third place and best udder of her group and PAYSSLI-INFINIE (GAEC LES RIVIERES) the second place of her group.

We congratulate our French partner @BGS and all the breeders to this great show! On top of that, we have heard that our polled top bull Veles Pp was one of the most used foreign bull in France in the last year. So we are already looking forward to see his daughters, many of them genetically polled, in a few years in France!

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