Sire proof run August 2021 - Fleckvieh


Sire proof run August 2021 - Fleckvieh

Daughter proven sires

The sire proof run of August went very well for the GGI-Spermex bulls. Popular and famous sires like WHATEVER, DREAM, VILLEROY, MANOLO Pp, SISYPHUS, SEHRGUT, IMPERATIV, IRREGUT PS, HURLY, ROYAL, HUMBOLD and many others could maintain their high level or lost only a few points. Several newcomers from April like VENTURA or ELITE could also confirm their good breeding values or even rose again.

The current number 2 of all daughter proven Fleckvieh bulls is HOKUSPOKUS, he rose once again by +3 points and presents himself as an absolute all-rounder. His half-brother HILFINGER even climbed +5 points up. Both of these HURLY-sons make framy, more dairy-typed cows with very good udders and a high milk performance. Theirs sons convince in fattening with high daily gains and a good carcass percentage.

The highest newcomer in August is MIRSANGUAT (MIR x EMPATHIE x MERTIN) from the Hierl Agrar GbR/Lauterhofen. He’s very interesting because of his alternate pedigree, the good dual purpose character, the very good fertilization and the outstanding fitness.

Another newcomer in August and also a bit bloodline-alternative is VLATURO (VLARO x HUTERA x RENWART) from Walter Weiland/Kisslegg. High components and a very good morphology are his strengths. Only the hock angularity should be kept in mind.

ELEGANT (EPINAL x HUMID x ROMEL) from the Schwemmer farm/Lauf places with +4 points among the daughter proven bulls. His cow family shows which great cows stand behind the GGI-Spermex sires. His dam HUMID-Bluna is none other than the incumbent national Fleckvieh champion. Bluna is meanwhile in her 11th lactation and shows herself absolutely youthful and fresh. She’s also the dam of the well-known HUTERA-son HOOD. ELEGANT himself brings a high amount of milk, very good functional traits and well-typed daughters as well as beta-casein A2A2.

Beside the already positively proven MEGA PP and MAHONI Pp, we have three new sons of the well-known polled sire MAHANGO Pp: MYLIFE Pp (breeder: Weiß Manfred/Kirchberg), MATATA Pp (Wutz Matthias/Schönthal) and MAFFAY Pp (Kraus GbR/Gessertshausen). All three of them bring, similar to their father, very typey daughters and a good milk performance.

Currently, we have 4 sons in our offer of the bull father MINT. MINOR continues being on top of them, he brings medium-framed cows with a good fitness and a solid milk performance. His half-brother MIDWEST (MINT x EVEREST x VANSTEIN) from the Raps farm/Bayreuth is new among the proven bulls. His functional type, a high fat-%, a strong pigmentation and a very good udder health & milking speed are his strengths. Also MIAMI and MIROLO keep their high level.

For those who want strongly muscled, medium-framed cows with the best udders, a solid milk performance and very good functional traits, HIMMLISCH and WINDSPIEL are the right choice. With their high ETMI (ecological total merit index), we can highly recommend them for organic farms.

A paternal half-brother of WINDSPIEL is WERTHEIM (WERTVOLL x WATT x REUMUT) from the Schürer-Hammon GbR/Öttingen. He can be used to improve the milk performance, milking speed and udder quality of the herd. On top of that, he’s one of the few bulls which inherit again clearly longer teats.

With DARWIN (DAX x EVEREST x WILHELM), DREAM’s full brother is also proven now. Similar to DREAM, DARWIN brings dual purpose on a high level and a very good morphology.

From the HUTERA-line, several members are new in the proven segment.

Eagerly awaited were the results of HERZPOCHEN (HERZSCHLAG x VANADIN x WINNIPED). He brings a very good milk and beef performance, easy calvings and strongly muscled daughters with long, high and tightly attached udders. His dam VANADIN-Bandita, a sevenfold bull dam, convinced on an average of four years with a performance of over 10,000 kg of milk in the breeder’s barn of the Estelmann family/Gerolfing.

The strengths of HARUN (HARIBO x VORUM x WALDBRAND; breeder: Fleidl Johann, Griesstätt) are a high amount of milk, easy calvings and good udders. On top of that, the HARIBO-son brings a good persistency and a strong pigmentation.

HOLLYWOOD (HUTERA x MANTON x RESOLUT) is a late HUTERA-son from Josef Wetterstetter/Unterreit. HOLLYWOOD convinces with a high milk performance, a very good beef performance and easy calvings. Regarding the type traits, especially the long udders with a good central ligament stand out.

A bull for a high milk quality is HUGO (HUGUBOSS x RUMGO x HEXAL) from the Redel farm/Pfaffenhofen. He brings a high fat content and the desired cappa-casein BB.

WALINT (WALK x MINT x VOGT) starts as a solid all-rounder into the proven segment. The WALK-son from the Schürer-Hammon GbR/Öttingen can be used to correct too widely placed teats. His semen has a very good fertilization (+4%).

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