New genomic bulls in December 2021

Foreman remains by far the No.1 among Holstein. Four newcomers of three sires make it in the Top-10. Best Benz has the most new sons in the top list. Among Red Holstein, Flight Red is overtaken by even two newcomers to No.3. Sputnik son Spotlight is on top of the list.



Despite two gRZG points less (168), Foreman remains the leader with a lead of 4 points. The Freemax son out of Rubicon offers RZM 154 (+1,677 kg milk, +0.22 % fat, +0.09 % protein), RZE 131 (feet and legs 116, udder 121), RZN 126 and RZhealth 122 now. His breeding value profile is absolutely faultless and he also scores with robot milking suitability (130) and calving ease (RZKd 112, RZKm 119). Regarding profitability Foreman is the No.2 with +2,801 RZ€ ahead of Coverboy (No.17 RZG) with +2,861.

The highest newcomer of, Camus (VH Crown x Semino), climbs from No.3 to No.2 with unchanged gRZG 164. Camus is a very good all-rounder with RZM 145 (+1,337 kg milk, +0.25 % fat, +0.07 % protein) and RZE 130 (feet and legs 120, udder 123). He is outstanding especially for longevity (RZN 133). He is also highly positive for health (RZhealth 124, RZS 128) and can be used on robot milking farms (RZRobot 129). His slightly older full brother Combino ranks on No.34 with RZM 141 and RZE 132 having a similar breeding value profile.

Sunrise (Superfly x Rio) can go up one rank to No.3 with unchanged gRZG 164. With +2,429 kg he remains the highest milk yield sire (-0.02 % fat, -0.13 % protein, RZM 154). Despite the high milk production, udders (117) are firmly attached (RZE 124, feet and legs 109, stature 122). He tends to transmit steeper legs (82).

The highest newcomer is on No.4, Secundus. He is a late Simon P son, but the highest among the 18 half brothers in the meantime. His dam is a Dutch Agronaut daughter having a full sister of Cyrano (RZG 136, Cinema x Shotglass) in the pedigree and a half sister of My Dream P (RZG 141), both rank high in the progeny tested top list. Secundus has good chances for a successful career with great production figures (RZM 150, +1,556 kg milk, +0.16 % fat, +0.10 % protein), faultless and nice linear (RZE 129, feet and legs 122, udder 116) as well as RZN 120 and RZhealth 125 (RZhoof 117, DDc 118).

Star P RDC (Solitair P x Semino) only has to give way two gRZG points to 163 and ranks on No.5. He remains the highest polled bull and red carrier with RZM 146 (+1,696 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, +0.06 % protein) and RZE 122 (feet and legs 112, udder 121). Regarding health (128) and especially udder health here (118, RZS 125) he is remarkable, but he tends to transmit steeper legs (79).

The second highest newcomer is on No.6, Zivet. He is just the second AltaZarek (Topshot x Rubicon) Sohn out of a Skywalker x Gatedancer daughter and a full sister of Matters (Octoberfest x Moonray), the current No.8 of the progeny tested Interbull list. Zivet has a faultless breeding value profile with RZM 154 (+1,699 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and RZE 124 (feet and legs 109, udder 119) as well as RZN 120 and RZhealth 123 (DDc 116).

He is followed by Carenzo (VH Crown x Federal) on No.7 who ranks two places lower because of the two newcomers ahead of him. Having RZE 137 (feet and legs 117, udder 128, stature 117) he remains the highest bull in the Top-10 for overall conformation. He is very well-balanced (RZhealth 124, RZN 127, RZM 140, +1,382 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.03 % protein).

Having the same gRZG 162, there are two more newcomers and Calvin (Casino x Finder) sons. Cashflow’s (new on No.8, dam: Gywer RDC x Salvatore) high rank is due to the combination of production (RZM 148, +1,891 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, +0.01 % protein), longevity (RZN 123) and health (127, RZhoof 116, DDc 120). Regarding conformation he cannot keep up with the other bulls in the Top-10 with RZE 119 (feet and legs 118, udder 108), but he can be used on heifers (RZKd 115, RZKm 115). Castelli (new on No.9) is clearly better here with RZE 131 (feet and legs 128, udder 114, stature 109) even though production (RZM 149, +1,852 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, -0.08 % protein) and health (127, DDc 118) are equal. Castelli descends from a young Prosperous daughter and a full sister of Suprem (Superhero x Missouri) who ranks on No.3 of the progeny tested bulls. The slightly older full brother of Castelli, Casim, is on No.59 with RZM 135, RZE 126 and RZhealth 130.

Due to the high newcomers, Bender (Bali x Superhero) ranks on No.10 with unchanged gRZG 162. His exceptional position as No.1 bull for longevity (RZN 138) and daughter fertility (RZR 133) as well as No.2 for RZhealth (137) remains unchallenged. He is also among the 10 best bulls for calf health (120). This is all combined with RZE 127 (feet and legs 120, udder 126, stature 94, strength 101) and RZM 123 (+600 kg milk, +0.09 % fat, +0.10 % protein) as well as robot milking suitability (RZRobot 121).


More new bulls

Besides the four new Top-10 bulls, there are 43 new bulls in the Top-250. The most new sons are offered by Best Benz (Benz x Damaris) and Superfly (Radical x Prowler) having 6 each.

The most of the so far 7 Best Benz sons follow the transmission profile of the sire having lots of milk with balanced components, good longevity and health as well as unremarkable conformation figures. The highest Best Benz son is Barrel (new on No.14). His dam Amela VG 86 (Padawan x AltaSpring) has already produced 11,841 kg milk which is pretty rare in the meantime. She is out of the same Canadian cow family as Cashflow. Barrel is the highest bull for overall conformation among the Best Benz half brothers with RZE 122 (feet and legs 118, udder 119). However, slopy rumps (75) and steeper legs (84) have to be kept in mind when mating. There is nothing else to complain about with RZM 149 (+1,757 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, +0.09 % protein), RZN 125, RZhealth 125 (DDc 115) and robot milking suitability (115). Having the same gRZG 161, Baker (new on No.16) only ranks two positions lower. He is a maternal half brother of Cashflow (dam: Gywer RDC x Salvatore). Regarding longevity he is very high with RZN 130 and health is good, too (126). With RZM 142 (+1,441 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, +0.06 % protein) and RZE 118 (feet and legs 115, udder 117), the medium-sized daughters have slightly steeper rear legs (86), but correct rumps (98) and also the fact that they can be used in farms working with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 117). Bestseller (new on No.18, dam: Skywalker x Gymnast) also offers gRZG 161 and a very similar breeding value profile: RZE 118 (feet and legs 109, udder 119), RZN 130, RZhealth 125, RZRobot 129. Within RZM 144 he has clearly positive components (+1,191 kg milk, +0.28 % fat, +0.12 % protein). The same is true for Belmondo (new on No.114, dam: Semino x Shep) with even RZM 154 (+1,474 kg milk, +0.24 % fat, +0.18 % protein) and RZE 119 (feet and legs 116, udder 111). He can also be used on robot milking farms (117).

Among the six new Superfly sons, Superman an No.31 (dam: AltaNiro x Modesty) ranks the highest due to RZM 150 (+1,691 kg milk, +0.24 % fat, -0.01 % protein), RZN 124 and RZhealth 123 (DDC 117). Regarding conformation Superman does not live up to his name with RZE 110 (feet and legs 111, udder 109) even though the linear does not show big weaknesses. Statement (new on No.35, dam: Benz x Kerrigan) does a little better here with RZE 117 (feet and legs 119, udder 113), but steeper legs (79). Statement’s high RZG 160 isn’t rather due to milk production (RZM 133, +821 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, +0.07 % protein) but rather outstanding health (135, RZmetabol 124) and longevity that he is No.2 with RZN 137 behind Bender. Moreover, Statement can be recommended for robot milking systems (RZRobot 121, teat length 114). Simas (new on No.44, dam: Padawan x Rubicon) is very good, but not that extreme for longevity (RZN 130) and health (129, RZmetabol 121), but offers more production (RZM 138, +1,436 kg milk, +0.03 % fat, +0.01 % protein). Rear leg angle has to be kept in mind here as well (82). Surprise (new on No.93, dam: Imax x Supersire) offers a good overall package with RZM 143 (+1,322 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, +0.01 % protein), RZE 120 (feet and legs 112, udder 119), RZN 128 and RZhealth 122 (RZmetabol 116).

Calvin (Casino x Finder) has performed really well so far as a sire of sons with his first 5 sons. All of them rank among the best 65 with Cashflow and Castelli in the Top-10. The other three half brothers are good all-rounders for widespread use, too. Caden P (new on No.20), after Star P, is the second highest polled sire and maternal half brother of Sinan PP (No.110, s. Simon P). The dam of these two is a Mystic PP x Balisto. Caden P is a real longevity (RZN 134) and health sire (131) having all 4 health complexes at a minimum of 112 points. With adequate milk production (RZM 137, +1,639 kg milk, -0.12 % fat, -0.03 % protein) offers RZE 124 (feet and legs 112, udder 119) with nicely placed teats (fore 106, rear 86) and high RZRobot 125. Chagall (new on No.23, dam: Merryguy x Bandares) only ranks a few positions lower and is even higher for RZ€ with +2,520. Despite completely different maternal pedigree, the breeding value profile is very similar to Caden P’s: RZN 125, RZhealth 136 (all 4 complexes at a minimum of 113 points), RZRobot 124, RZE 122 (feet and legs 119, udder 114, rump slope 87). Having almost the same RZM 138 there is slightly less milk yield (+1,160 kg), but positive components (+0.19 % fat, +0.06 % protein). Chagall is the bull among the Calvin sons who can be used on heifers (RZKd 112, RZKm 122). Casim (new on No.59, dam: Prosperous x Superhero) is a full brother of Castelli (#9) with very good all-round qualities: RZM 135 (+1,188 kg milk, +0.09 % fat, +0.04 % protein), RZE 126 (feet and legs 122, udder 119, rear leg angle 86), RZN 127, RZS 131, RZhealth 130. Campen’s (new on No.65, dam: Prosperous x Mission P) linear does not go towards the left side (RZE 128, feet and legs 113, udder 116), including optimally angled rear legs (104) and slightly sloped rumps (104). Moreover, Campen offers lots of milk with positive components (RZM 149, +1,530 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and, typically Calvin, good health (125, DDc 121).

Riddick (new on No.24, dam: Huey x Outlast) is the highest of 5 new Radar (Imax x Rubicon) sons. His strengths are longevity (RZN 135), udder (127, feet and legs 109, RZE 128), health (125, RZmetabol 120) and robot milking suitability (123, RZD 117) with sufficient production figures (RZM 139, +1,184 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.05 % protein). Ruben (new on No.130, Radar x Gywer RDC x Kerrigan) is not that strong for health (119, RZN 120), but offers a high RZM (147, +1,271 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.16 % protein). With RZE 123 (feet and legs 111, udder 118) he has a nice linear.

There are the first two sons of Halifax P (Hotspot P x Kerrigan) now. The highest is Hottop P (ne won No.27, dam: My Dream P x Bandares). The basis for RZG 160 and RZ€ +2,590 is RZM 151 (+1,323 kg milk, +0.28 % fat, +0.18 % protein) combined with good RZN 121, RZhealth 123 and RZE 122 (feet and legs 114, udder 113) as well as very nicely placed teats and RZRobot 121 (RZD 116).

Having the combination RZE 133 (feet and legs 128, udder 124), RZM 137 (+1,071 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.12 % protein), RZN 125 and RZhealth 129, Bruce (new on No.30) should definitely attract attention. Despite the high RZE, the linear is not faultless as rump slope (87) and rear leg angle (86) should be kept in mind when mating. He should breed medium-sized daughters strong for udder & feet and legs. Bruce is a Bellroy (Benz x Finder) son out of Gymnast x Battlecry from a Danish branch of the Jelykoe family.

Golf (No.38) is the highest conformation sire in the entire top list with RZE 145 – and this in combination with RZM 146 (+894 kg milk, +0.49 % fat, +0.21 % protein). We can expect framy (stature 126, depth 113, strength 114) daughters of him with best feet and legs (128) and udders (131). In addition, the combination of good and firmly attached udders with robot milking suitability (118), also not too tightly placed teats in the rear is really rare. Health is good (121, DDc 119). Golf is a Garido (Gymnast x Penley) son out of a Dutch Finder x AltaSpring daughter that completed the first lactation with 9,734 kg milk and 5.13 % fat and 3.99 % protein.

Akio RDC (new on No.42) is a red carrier because of the Red & White sire ATop-Red (Salvatore x Delta 1427) and was imported from the USA as an embryo out of a Hawai x Modesty dam. RZN 132, RZhealth 131 (RZrepro 119), RZR 127 speak for him. With a little lower production compared to similar-ranking bulls (RZM 133, +921 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, +0.03 % protein), he scores also with a nice linear (RZE 122, feet and legs 111, udder 121, stature 121). Teat length (87) is low.

Soundmax (new on No.69) is a late Soundcloud (Outlast x Delta 1427) son, but the highest with gRZG 158. His dam is a Dutch Imax x Missouri out of the Spottie family. Soundmax combines production (RZM 147, +1,634 kg milk, +0.17 % fat, +0.01 % protein) and conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 113, udder 121, stature 117) on a high level. The tall (117) Soundmax daughters are late maturing and dairy.

Linstar is the first of the heavily used Lightway (Lightstar x Superhero) and debuts on No.121 (dam: Swift x Barcley). He offers a complete package with RZM 137 (+1,038 kg milk, +0.09 % fat, +0.15 % protein), RZE 131 (feet and legs 117, udder 125), RZN 127, RZhealth 119 and RZRobot 123.

It is quite similar with Ronaldinho (new on No.135), the Rafinha (Rio x Kerigan) half brother of the Superfly son Simas (new on No.44, dam: Padawan x Rubicon). Thanks to high components, Ronaldinho reaches RZM 140 (+977 kg milk, +0.34 % fat, +0.12 % protein) and RZE 129 (feet and legs 108, udder 129).

Swaart (new on No.138) is the so far only Saturn (Sonic x Barcley) son with faultless breeding value profile: RZM 136 (+1,352 kg milk, +0.03 % fat, +0.00 % protein), RZE 125 (feet and legs 115, udder 123), RZN 126, RZhealth 123. He is one of the few bulls with sufficient milk yield and clearly positive BCS (114).

The three new Hulk P (Hotspot P x Euclid) sons may not rank on the upper top list, but are all polled showing good conformation figures as well as robot suitability. Husar P (new on No.156, dam: Hartley x Battlecry) has the highest RZM (141, +1,405 kg milk, -0.05 % fat, +0.11 % protein) with RZE 128 (feet and legs 110, udder 125, stature 116), RZhealth 123 (DDc 118) and RZRobot 125. Hajo P (new on No.167) and Hawk P RDC (new on No.172) are full brothers with same gRZG 154 out of a My Deam P x Mega Watt dam. Hajo P has the higher RZE (138, feet and legs 120, udder 135) and RZRobot (131), but lower RZM (130, +222 kg milk, +0.39 % fat, +0.31 % protein). Hawk P RDC offers RZM 138 (+461 kg milk, +0.48 % fat, +0.30 % protein) with RZE 129 (feet and legs 110, udder 130) and RZRobot 123. Having each RZN 125 and RZhealth 124 and 120 respectively they differ not that much.

There are 12 sons of Copyright (Imax x Jedi) now. Among the new sons there are the interesting bulls Colbin (No.187) and Contender (No.208) both with gRZG 153. On the dam’s side, Colbin descends via Cyrano from a full sister of Sylvert (No.42 progeny tested, s. Silver) and a half sister of four more progeny tested top bulls. The successful great grand dam behind those achievements is HaS Stalaxy VG 85 (s. Galaxy). As the only Copyright son, Colbin has clearly positive components with +1,484 kg milk (RZM 150, +0.26 % fat, +0.08 % protein). Conformation is more than solid (RZE 129, feet and legs 116, udder 121) and thanks to best milkability (RZD 112) and teats not too tightly place in the rear (85) he reaches RZRobot 125. Contender was raised in Belgium, but descends from the Danish branch of the Neblinas. The grand dam Nicol EX 93 (Battlecry x Sargeant) is a full sister of Bionic who has RZG 136 and RZE 130 based on many daughters. So the RZE 138 of Contender (feet and legs 114, udder 130) is not a surprise. Contender should breed very tall (131) daughters strong for type giving lots of milk (+1,856 kg milk, -0.10 % fat, -0.14 % protein, RZM 138) and showing very healthy udders (RZudderfit 112, RZS 123).

Finally we should mention Canitz who would rank in the Top-25 with gRZG 161, but the necessary results for CVM and Brachyspina were missing to be in the top list. Canitz is the so far only Canetti (Casino x Kerrigan) son and is out of a Mr Puma daughter and a Missouri half sister of Checkmate (RZG 135, No.142 progeny tested). Canitz has an absolutely faultless breeding value profile with RZM 148 (+1,804 kg milk, +0.08 % fat, -0.01 % protein), RZE 132 (feet and legs 112, udder 127, stature 127), RZN 124, RZhealth 120 and RZRobot 117.



Red Holstein

The number of new bulls in the Red Holstein Top-50 is less than for Holstein with 6 new bulls. However, even three newcomers make it in the Top-10, the two highest make it directly to the top.

Spotlight (new on No.1, dam: Gywer RDC x Salvatore) is the first SputnikRDC (Spark Red x Finder) son that ranks in the Black & White top list on No.139 himself. Spotlight with gRZG 165 does not only offer lots of milk (RZM 148, +2,230 kg milk, -0.24 fat, -0.08 % protein), but also a fantastic linear (RZE 127, feet and legs 123, udder 116). He should breed medium-sized daughters with somewhat steeper legs (87). Longevity (RZN 129) and health (124, RZudderfit 113, RZS 128) are high as well. Moreover, Spotlight can be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 116, RZKm 112). Regarding profitability Spotlight is the best with RZ€ +2,726.

Serge Red (new on No.2) is one of the two first Shimmer (Salvatore x Rubicon) sons. His dam is Daddy Cool VG 84 (Styx Red x Apoll P) who has 8 sons of different sires with gRZG over 150 on German A.I. studs now, including the full brother of Serge Red, Simply Red, on No.8. Serge Red excels with RZE 133 (feet and legs 128, udder 118, stature 114) combined with RZM 144 (+1,986 kg milk, -0.12 fat, -0.10 % protein) as well as RZN 130 and RZhealth 125 (DDc 117). The older full brother Simply Red (No.8) has little less production (RZM 135, +1,328 kg milk, -0.07 fat, +0.03 % protein) and RZE (127, feet and legs 117, udder 121) with very similar faultless linear. Milkability of Simply Red should be kept in mind (RZD 87). He is a real calving ease bull (RZKd 118), similar to his full brother (RZKd 112).

Due to the both newcomers on top, the No.1 of August, Flight Red (Rubels Red x Born P), drops to No.3. His exceptional position for low cell score (RZS 141) remains unchallenged and he belongs to the Top-5 with RZhealth 132 (DDc 121). Regarding milk production and RZM, there are higher bulls, but RZM 137 with +1,033 kg milk and positive components (+0.34 % fat, +0.04 % protein) are not bad either. The faultless linear (RZE 129) of Flight Red shows average daughters regarding stature and capacity as well as with outstanding udders (131, feet and legs 110).

Having unchanged gRZG 162, the highest newcomer of August follows on No.4 now, Atoll Red (ATop-Red x Styx Red). The grand dam De-Su Mont 3997 EX 90 (s. Montross) is a half sister of, amongst others, Avicii and, therefore, out of the same family as McCutchen. Atoll Red remains the only bull with RZE, RZhealth and RZN higher than 135. Regarding conformation we can expect medium-sized daughters with best feet and legs (128) and udders (130). He tends to transmit steeper legs (79) which has to be kept in mind. The RZM is lower with 121 (+1,415 kg milk, -0.34 % fat, -0.16 % protein) than of the other Top-10 bulls.

Performer (Paladin x Mega Watt) climbs from No.11 to No.5 due to +2 gRZG points in the Top-10. His high gRZG 159 especially results from longevity (136) and health (131, RZudderfit 118, RZS 123) combined with great production (RZM 136, +1,575 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, -0.10 % protein). Regarding conformation, he cannot keep up with the other top bulls with RZE 113 (feet and legs 108, udder 112, rump slope 81).

There is the new Spring Red on no.6, together with Serge Red on No.2 as the second Shimmer son. The dam of Spring Red is a Gywer x Milford-P and a Long P half sister of Snake Red and Brekan. Spring Red combines fantastic conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 127, udder 121) with high production (RZM 145, +1,790 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, +0.02 % protein) and RZN 125 as well as RZhealth 122 (RZhoof 116) and RZRobot 122. The Spring Red daughters are rather narrow (strength 84) with stature 110.

Astra Red even gains 3 points to gRZG 159 and jumps from No.25 to No.7. He is an ATop-Red x Pace Red x Nugget RDC. His full brother Atlantik ranks on No.13 (RZM 141, RZE 129). Having RZE 143 Astra Red is the second highest bull in the top list for overall conformation. With lots of stature (132) and capacity, the framy daughters should have good feet and legs (120) and excellent udders (134). Astra Red daughters should show sufficient production with RZM 133 (+1,372 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, -0.06 % protein) and clearly above average health (126, RZhoof 117, DDc 122, RZrepro 117, RZN 126).

Ginger (Gywer x Salvatore x Riverboy) gives away his small wins from August now and ranks on No.9. The combination of highest production (RZM 148, +2,088 kg milk, -0.17 % fat, -0.06 % protein) with RZE 135 (feet and legs 117, udder 125, stature 126) is his hallmark. Rear leg angle has to be kept in mind here as well (81). Ginger is can be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 127) and also has good figures for calving ease (RZKd 119, RZKm 116).

Only Simply Red (No.8) and Sillus Red (No.10 now, dam: Argo x Entitl) are left from the great dominance of Solitair P sons in the Top-10. However, almost 40 % of the entire Top-50 are Solitair P sons (19) followed by Gywer RDC (9). Sillus Red has strengths for all traits of robustness (RZN 133) and health (RZhealth 132, RZudderfit 121, RZS 129) combined with nice, faultless conformation figures (RZE 133, feet and legs 113, udder 135, stature 111) and calving ease (RZKd 116). Regarding production (RZM 127, +1,284 kg milk, -0.12 % fat, -0.08 % protein), there may be stronger half brothers.

Aikano enters new outside the Top-10 on No.23. As the name indicates, he is out of the Aiko-Altidude family (dam: Manana Red x DG Charley). On the sire’s side, he is one of 7 ATop Red (Salvatore x Delta 1427) sons now. Aikano promises good conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 126, udder 117, stature 106) without extremes in the body traits, but high fat and protein yield (RZM 141, +1,264 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.04 % protein).

Elektro P (new on No.48) is the first Erotic Red (Argo x Jedi) son and received the polled gene from the dam, a Born P daughter from the Lila Z family. Elektro P stands for conformation (RZE 134, feet and legs 111, udder 135, stature 119), longevity (RZN 128) and health (124). Milk yield could be a little higher (RZM 129, +879 kg milk, +0.13 % fat, +0.05 % protein), but he can be used on robot milking farms (123).

A second Erotic Red son is Eyck (dam: Lucky PP x Pat Red) and he would have ranked in the Top-50 with gRZG 153 if the necessary results for genetic defects would have been available on time. So not everybody will see this bull having RZM 145 (+1,344 kg milk, +0.26 % fat, +0.06 % protein) and RZE 131 (feet and legs 112, udder 125, stature 121).

With gRZG 152 Home PP closely missed the Top-50 on No.51. RZM 142 (+905 kg milk, +0.35 % fat, +0.22 % protein) combined with RZE 126 (feet and legs 109, udder 131) and high RZRobot (133) will make this homozygous polled bull popular. We can expect medium-sized (stature 101) stylish daughters.

Dernières nouvelles