Gladius 823250

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Gazebo x Superhero x Missouri

We are introducing to you the bull Galdius today.

The current No.1 in Germany by RZG and RZ€ descends from the family of Goldwyn Desiree VG 89. The dam of Gladius, KAY Dollyanna VG 85, had a remarkable milk yield in her first lactation: 11,839 milk kg with 3.98 % fat and 3.52 % protein. Exactly because of those genes, Gladius is in high demand. He scores with enormous milk yield and positive components.

His linear profile promises medium-sized cows moving on good feet and legs. The udders of his daughters are highly and firmly attached and have good teat placement.

Gladius excels with completely positive health breeding values and a good breeding value for hoof health, DDcontrol.

You should definitely have a closer look at this production bull. In addition, he offers desired beta casein A2/A2.

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