Fleckvieh - Gahango Pp


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Gahango Pp_

There are cows that burn themselves in one’s memory forever, because they are simply outstanding due to their aura, morphology and performance. MAHANGO Pp-daughter Gahango Pp, bred by Pilz Martin in Oberwahrberg (Bavaria), is such a cow. She’s currently in her 4th lactation and the mother of our bulls EBENHOLZ Pp (sire EDELSTEIN) and HAKA PP (sire HATTRICK PP) and the grandmother of EDELPILZ PS (sire EDELSTEIN).

We were able to see the cow last year in the breeder’s barn and she really leaves you speechless. Such a type with the perfect dual purpose character is something you see very rarely. A well textured, long “dairy”-udder, but also a well-developed muscling - no contradiction as this cow shows impressively.

Showing an enormous beef potential, Gahango Pp has a high milk yield of 11,318 kg with 4.35% fat and 3.82% protein on an average of three years. She’s been flushed several times and already has many calves which stand out with their great vitality.

This is German Fleckvieh – the world’s best dual purpose breed!

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