Brown Swiss Lifetime production


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Latest data on Brown Swiss

Jublend-daughter in The Netherlands with lifetime production of 107.000kg milk

Additional 170 German Brown Swiss cows exceeding 100.000l milk production

Brown Swiss is commonly known as a breed with high lifetime production and longevity. The latest figures from southern Germany demonstrate these qualities again impressively. And the trend keeps growing!
Regarding longevity Brown Swiss is the leading breed. According to the statistics of the BRS (German Livestock Association), in the year 2018 Brown Swiss cows were slaughtered with an average lifetime production of 29.779 kg milk and an age of 47.0 months. Brown Swiss cows thus remain in their barns for almost one year longer than the average dairy cow in Germany.
The increasing longevity of the Brown Swiss cows leads to the fact that more and more cows reach the benchmark of 100.000kg milk lifetime production. According to the latest statistics the most frequent sires of these cows were the bulls Nofak (24x), Simvitel (23x) and Pronto (22x). In 2018, another 170 Brown Swiss cows reached the benchmark in southern Germany. Among the cows that reached the benchmark of 100.000l in the year 2018 the prevalent sires were Pronto (14x), Etpat (11x) and Jublend (7x).

Also in other countries Brown Swiss cattle prove their longevity as for example this Jublend-daughter with a lifetime production of 107,000 kg bred on Bosgoed Farms, Denekamp, The Netherlands.