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HAMBURG 10/345540

HAMBURG (HACKER x PADUA x HUSIR) from the Graf family in Altusried/Bavaria is currently the best available proven Brown Swiss bull regarding the fitness total merit index. Thus, he absolutely follows the footsteps of his father HACKER which is a real “cow-maker” and one of the favorite bulls of our customers since many years. HAMBURG’s breeding values in the functional traits are really hard to top: 129 for longevity, 113 for milking speed, 120 for fertility, 108 for udder health and an ecological TMI of 120. A view into his cow family reveals wherefrom these extraordinary indexes derive: his great-grandmother Bruni passed away last year after her 12th (!) lactation, his grandmother Britta in her 9th lac. and his mother Briela in her 6th lac. are still in the breeder’s barn. Briela gave 8,502 kg of milk with 4.89% fat and 4.00 % protein on an average of 5 lactations. In the production traits, HAMBURG inherits a good amount of milk (+629) with scarer components and the desired casein variants BB/A2A2. Looking at the morphology, HAMBURG brings functional, medium-framed cows with passable udders, but his weaknesses especially in frame cannot be argued away. So, HAMBURG probably won’t sire your next show champion, but that is nothing bad. HAMBURG-daughters will delight you as extraordinarily fertile, healthy, inconspicuous and productive dairy cows which will stay in your barns for many years!

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