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GGI-Spermex est fière de vous présenter le nouveau catalogue 2020 pour Holstein et Red Holstein. Si vous cherchez Fleckvieh ou Brown Swiss, nous avons aussi un catalogue séparé pour ces races disponible chez GGI-Spermex. Merci de contacter GGI-Spermex ou nos partenaires internationaux sur place.


  • Holstein / Red Holstein
  • ·
  • 03.06.2021

GGI-SPERMEX app – V 2.0

Les meilleurs taureaux des races les plus importantes laitières, viandes et mixtes de l’Allemagne dans une App ! Cela continue d’être notre ambition. Après une conversion des bases de données, on peut...

  • Nouveautés
  • ·
  • 02.06.2021

The new „cow-maker“!

With HOKUSPOKUS (HURLY x NARR x ZAHNER), we present you today one of the best and most complete daughter proven Fleckvieh sires. The HURLY-son from the MEYER-farm in Colmberg/Bavaria descends from the...

  • Holstein / Red Holstein
  • ·
  • 02.06.2021

Bonfire 156569

We are introducing the bull Bonfire to you today. The early Board son of Tirsvad Anderstrup Holsteins in Denmark descends from a Sargeant out of Tirsvad Bookem Nessie VG 89. Bonfire is one of the be...

Gahango Pp, Mutter von Ebenholz Pp, 3. lak (2)
Gahango Pp, dam of Ebenholz Pp, 3rd lact.
  • Nouveautés
  • ·
  • 28.05.2021

EBENHOLZ Pp – a polled son of EDELSTEIN!

With EBENHOLZ Pp 10/862940 from the Pilz farm in Kallmünz/Bavaria, we present you a very interesting polled son of EDELSTEIN. With EDELSTEIN x MAHANGO Pp x HURRICAN in his pedigree, a high type qualit...


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GGI-SPERMEX – the first source of top-class genetics for your cows!

Merged from the well-established German export organizations German Genetics International GmbH and SPERMEX GmbH, the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH started its operational business on July 1st 2018 and will represent 12 German breeding and A.I. organizations on the international market for cattle genetics.

Through the merger of both export organizations into the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH having its offices in Northern and Southern Germany, a company was formed that is unique internationally. GGI-SPERMEX unifies 12 members from across Germany offering experience, know-how and genetics from their areas. Having their own, strong breeding programs based on the largest registered breeding populations worldwide, the members of GGI-SPERMEX have the entire variety of cattle breeds present in Germany – on the highest level.

Bundled in a unique portfolio – consisting of the key breeds Holstein, Red Holstein, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss and completed by more than 20 further cattle breeds, i.e. Angler, Jersey as well as several dual purpose and beef breeds – you have access to German top-class genetics through GGI-SPERMEX – from anywhere in the world!

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