Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Vorderwald cattle originate from the southern Black Forest.


Vorderwald cattle are brindled red-white. Head and legs are mainly white.

Polled status:

The animals have horns by nature.


They are characterized by clean, good feet and legs of good angle and very good hooves.

Production traits:

Due to their region of origin, the animals are highly adapted to pasture of sparse mountain sides. Their good, strong hooves are perfect for steep locations on a slope. Through good pasture capability and resistibility, growth capacity and muscularity, high digestion ability and adaptability, the breed is especially suitable for suckler cow husbandry. The vital, long-lasting cows produce 6,000 kg milk with 4 % fat and 3.65 % protein on average.




Withers height, cm

ca. 145

ca. 128 - 135

Weight, kg

ca. 1,000

ca. 600