Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
ECLIP 10/409636 Eclipes Futurity 2012
HAGEN 10/409395 VJ Hitman Irwin 2017 Leistung Inhaltsstoffe Langlebigkeit Kuhfamilie
JANKO 10/409848 Jason Hulk 2012 Leistung Nutzungsdauer Euter
MIREX 10/960803 Minister Cavalia 2017
MOONSTAR PP 10/925000 Motivation P Dallas P 2013
SMUDO 10/159051 Snapdragon Paul 2019 Leistung, Inhaltsstoffe, Exterieur
SNAPTIME 10/960802 Snapdragon Rocket 2017
SOL PP 409886 Solar PP Miro P 2017
TANGO 10/924996 Tequila Signature 2013
WYTZE 10/159052 Husky Holmer 2018 Correct bull from high-performance cow family, Very high ingredients from organic farming, Alternative aAa-Code
ZULU 10/409319 Zuma DJ Kars 2012

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Jersey cattle originate from the Channel Island Jersey and have been bred there over the centuries without any influence of other breeds. It is considered one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world.


Jersey cattle can be cream-colored, yellow-brown, light red and almost black whereby the head is almost always dark. They often can have a dark eel stripe.

Polled status:

Jersey cattle are horned by nature. Horns are curved and often have black tips. There are also genetically polled animals.


They have a light frame and are fine-boned.

Production traits:

Due to especially fatty milk and relatively high protein percentages, Jerseys are likely to be crossed with other breeds in order to improve their milk quality. Thanks to high fat and protein percentages and high percentage of carotene and calcium, the milk of the Jersey cow is highly suitable for cheese production. Jersey cattle are early-maturing with good calving ease and their persistency promises high longevity.




Withers height, cm

ca. 127

ca. 120

Weight, kg

ca. 700

ca. 300 - 400


Jersey Kendra_2014.jpg