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Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
Nom Numéro HB Père Dam's sire né. Caracteristiques
Red Cattle - Angler
FAXE 10/597939 Wodka Rudi 2004 Eiweiß Zellzahl Melkbarkeit
HAITHABU 10/598117 R Ascona Zion 2005 Allround Uniformität Fundament
ILEX 10/598918 R Bahama Stadel 2007 Milchmenge Körper Fundament
LADYKILLER 10/589070 R David Orraryd 2009 Kuhfamilie Milchmenge Nutzungsdauer
LOYD 10/599967 Orraryd Zober 2008 Milchmenge Geburten Blutführung
NACET 10/589866 R Facet Gunnarstorp 2011 Blutführung Eiweiß Euter
NOUGAT 10/589806 A Linne Baldo 2010 Milchmenge Fundamente Allrounder
PELLE 10/588902 R Degn Orraryd 2012 Milchmenge Körper Rahmen
PIET 10/588881 R David Fenno 2012 Milchmenge Körper Allrounder
PIRELLO 10/588909 R David Zober 2012 Fundament Stärke Nutzungsdauer
POLDI 10/588948 VR Cigar R David 2013
PUNKT 10/588908 R Fastrup Baldo 2012 Fundament Inhaltsstoffe Blutführung
RIGA 10/589000 VR Cigar Faber 2013 Milk production, Longevity, Conformation
ROXY P 10/587007 R Gorm P Eukal 2013
SAND 10/587087 Kandy R Degn 2014 Milchmenge Körper Fundament
SCHLEI 10/588698 Rockstar Fundus 2014 Euterqualität Eutergesundheit Inhaltsstoffe
SEVILLO 10/587415 VR Cigar Gunnarstop 2000 Rahmen Fundament Euter
STEEN 10/588699 Rockstar R Degn 2014 Euterqualität Hintereuterhöhe Strichlänge
TADEL 10/587473 Stadel R Degn 2015 Körper Euter Fundament
TANGO 10/587472 VR Dalton R Fastrup 2000 Inhaltsstoffe Fundament Blutführung
THRON 10/587470 VR Crone R Facet 2015 Euter Nutzungsdauer Eutergesundheit
THYMIAN 10/587471 VR Crone Graham 2000
TWIX 10/587721 Nougat VR Leroy 2000 Eiweiß Euter Rahmen
UNIKAT PP 10/586125 Redbull P Potato P 2000 Hornlos Eutergesundheit Nutzungsdauer
URAN 10/587769 VR Crone R David 2000 Milchmenge Euter Eutergesundheit
VEGAS P 10/586425 VR Flake P VR Dalton 2018 Euter Eutergesundheit Nutzungsdauer
VOJENS 10/586166 VR Vagner VR Dalton 2000 Eutergesundheit Inhaltsstoffe Fundamente
VOLT P 10/586158 VR Hel P Rockstar 2017 Hornlos Milchmenge Eutergesundheit
VOXY 10/586199 VR Redfox VR Dalton 2017 Inhaltsstoffe Fundament Nutzungsdauer
WALLACE 10/586510 VR Viljar R Degn 2019 Euter Eiweißgehalt Nutzungsdauer
WILLOW 10/586460 VR Filur Rockstar 2018 Euter Inhaltsstoffe Eutergesundheit
WOTAN 10/586488 VR Viljar VR Dalton 2018 Eutergesundheit Eiweißgehalt Nutzungsdauer
WYK 10/586494 VR Viljar Saba 2018 Inhaltsstoffe Euter Nutzungsdauer

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Angler cattle were mentioned in a written document for the first time around 1600 in the Angeln region (Schleswig-Holstein).


The animals have a complete red brown color, whereby there can be also white marks on the udder and the belly. The muzzle is dark.

Polled status:

The horns of Angler cattle are grey, sometimes with black tips.


The medium-sized, dairy animals are long and narrow with less muscularity. Outstanding feet and legs, black hooves as well as low calf still birth rate are hallmarks of this breed. The udder is easy to milk and enables the desired high daily productions over many lactations due to its quality and functionality. Furthermore, the udders meet the requirements of modern milking systems.

Production traits:

The cattle show excellent, are early-maturing and calve without any problems at the age of 24 months. Young bulls have good growth rates and reach a live weight of 400 kg at the age of 12 months. The economic percentage of feed to milk production returns and good pasture suitability are the basis to maintain production and adaptability to all climate regions. Thanks to their fur, they are also very tolerant regarding heat and UV radiation. The production of Angler cattle is especially characterized by high components. Today’s breeding goal is focused on 9,500 kg milk with 4.5 % fat and 3.8 % protein. The relatively high percentage of kappa casein BB in the Angler milk is very special. This protein is important for cheese production. Mature cows should have a sacral bone height of approx. 145 cm and a live weight of 650 kg.