Welsh Black


Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Welsh Black
LENZO 10/204233 Lemming Jimmie 2006
WOGENSPIEL 10/322458 Will Meirion 1991

The breed in general

Welsh Black cattle originate from the southwestern British Isles.


Welsh Black cattle are black; some white color is allowed on the underside behind the navel.

Polled status:

Horns are supposed to be uniform and sweeping. A horizontal horn slightly antrorse in the tip is preferred. Genetic polledness and scurs are possible.


The head is of medium size with wide forehead and has a good depth due to distinct maxilla. The relatively big ears are fully covered with soft hair. Shoulders are solid and compact; the carcase is long with strong bone structure and strong hooves.

Production traits:

The medium-sized animals are long-lasting, robust and have good resistance to diseases which is why they are especially suitable for pasture grazing. Welsh Black have solid, distinct amount of meat on the valuable body parts: Shoulder, back and haunch. Their meat is remarkably fine-grained, particularly tender and very juicy. Wide birth canals and low calf birth weights resulting in trouble-free calving are more advantages.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 148

ca. 137

Weight, kg

ca. 1,100

ca. 750


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