Grazing Uckermärker cow and calf


Nombre Padre PM Tägl. Zun. 360 Tage Tägl. Zun. 200 Tage Peso de nacimiento RZF Rept. %
COSINUS PP CONRAD Ingolf 1717 1488 42 105 42
FOCUS PP FANTASTIC PP* Ivo PP 1555 1466 107 49
JAMAICA PP JASPER PP Radorn P 1488 39 116 43
KUBA PP KURT PP* Leven PS# 1538 1629 40 108 46
LARSON PP LAURAN PP* Marwin PP* 1411 1529 111 48
MAGNUM PP MAMUT PP* Impasto PP* 1671 1754 41 107 49
OKTAN PP OLLY Janni 1588 1538 109 84
TITAN PP THORIN PP* Ingolf PS 1800 1702 46 122 50
ZERES RA PP ZEUS Siegmund 1254 1478 42 92 45

The breed in general

The Uckermärker breed originates from the landscape in Brandenburg of the same name. They arose in the 1970s through systematical crossbreeding of the Fleckvieh and Charolais breeds. The breed is mainly located in the federal states Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.


Uckermärker cattle are of white color to cream-color as well as brindled from light yellow to red-brown with white base color.

Polled status:

There are horned and genetically polled animals.


Uckermärker cattle are framy animals of good length, width and depth with very good muscularity on shoulder, back, loin and haunch. They have a strong back, correct feet & legs and hooves.

Production traits:

The cattle meet the requirements of an economic suckler cow husbandry. Due to their adaptability and high roughage feed intake capacity, they are especially suitable for pasture grazing. The animals are really calm and bring calves with good growth vitality and show very good motherliness. Perseverative meat growth without value decreasing adiposis during final fattening is also positive.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 150

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,250

ca. 850


Uckermärker 204473 Fantastic PP Famos PP