Miniature Zebu

Nombre Padre PM Tägl. Zun. 360 Tage Tägl. Zun. 200 Tage Peso de nacimiento RZF Rept. %

The breed in general


All coat colors are possible for the Miniature Zebu breed. Predominant colors are tones of brown, black, red and white. Besides single-colored animals there are also speckled and spotted animals. Among the single-colored animals, the hunch area is often dark-colored while the fur has lighter coloring on the inside of the haunches, belly, eyes and muzzle. Many animals have an eel stripe. Marks like blazes or stars are uncommon.

Polled status:

The horn posture should be symmetrical and face upwards. When overhung they are curved often. There can be genetic polledness.


Miniature Zebus are small-framed, light cattle with very fine, dry and correctly set extremities. The hind quarters are characterized by sloped rumps. The head is light and expressive. Their ears protrude horizontally. Representative for this breed are the distinct dewlap and clear hunch, which is bigger in male animals.

Production traits:

The frugal, calm and pleasant cattle have good reproduction abilities and maternal qualities and are very suitable for extensive locations. They have good calving ease and very good feed intake capacity, even with sparse feed sources. The Miniature Zebu is known for very good longevity and fertility. They reach lifetime productions of 15 calves or more. It is strived for good muscularity of the cows, especially in the back area, as well as good to very good muscularity of the bulls on the back, haunch and shoulder. At 2.5 to 3 years of age, a dressing percentage of 60 % or above is possible.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 120

ca. 105

Weight, kg

ca. 450

ca. 275


Miniature Zebu Silvan 204586