Highland cattle

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Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Highland cattle originate from the northwest of Scotland. The Highland breed is the oldest, registered cattle breed (1884).


Highland cattle can have a red, yellow and black coat. Rather uncommon are brindle coats or coats of the colors grey-brown and white. Both white marks on the lower belly and white flanks can occur.

Polled status:

Highland cattle have long horns and symmetrical horns which are as symmetrical as possible. Normally these are different depending on the gender. While the bulls‘ horns are strong, horizontal and forwardly-turned, the cows‘ horns are clearly longer and sweeping wide and up.


The small and medium-sized animals have a low carcase with straight, long back with good muscularity and strong feet & legs. A healthy spread of the hooves is desired. A special hallmark of Highland cattle is an opulent coat. They have slightly curly guard hair with opulent bottom hair. The shock of hair between the eyes is long, wide and bushy. Eyes are partly covered. Moreover, they have big hairy ears.

Production traits:

Due to their robustness and vitality, Highland cattle are suitable for year-round free-range housing. They are also late-maturing and known for longevity and good calving ease. The animals are calm and pleasant-natured, but can be defensive, and have good maternal qualities.





Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 138

ca. 128

Weight, kg

ca. 780

ca. 570


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