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Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
ECHNATON P 10/204138 Enno Pp Sir Tradition PP 2003
ELITAIR P 10/204099 Epsom Sir Tradition PP 2002 Use on heifers, Polled, Elegant animals with lots of type
EROS Pp 10/204417 Exclusif Marengo Pp 2013 Excellent muscling, High daily gains, Heterocygous polled
FANDANGO 10/204543 BRA Faunus KMU Menard 2015 International Pedigree, Calving ease, Polled
HOLLICH Pp* 10/204049 Hot King PP Elmar 1999 polled, good heavy calves
INCOGNITO 10/200313 Farceur Valseur 1993
LUCKY Pp 10/204262 Lex P Suporter 2007 Polled, Normal calving
MALIK PP 10/204462 Mars PP Honk 2013
MARKANT PP 10/204548 Mars PP Puma P 2015 Champion 2017 South German Beef Cattle Days, Naturally polled, Sire of sons
MENTOR Pp 10/204342 MARS PP HICKS LEX P 2010 Polled
MERLIN PP* 10/204292 MARS PP OLAUS P 2008 Polled, Normal calvings
MONTANA PS 10/204153 Maurice Swepper Pp 2003
MORRISON PP* 10/204700 MARS PP* BANJO Pp 2018 Polled, Fantastic Type
SAM PP 204753 Severin PP Trepidor 2018
TANGO P 10/204193 Tenor Pp Benno 2004 Calving ease, Proven sire, Excellent for crossbreeding

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Charolais is a French cattle breed. The name originates from the region of Charolles, the Charolais.


Plain white to cream-colored fur. The muzzle, hooves and the horn are light.

Polled status:

Charolais cattle can be both horned and genetically polled.


The head of the framy cattle is relatively short and wide with a large muzzle. The neck and chest are broad, wide and deep and the carcase is harmonic, symmetrical, wide and long. Muscularity is strong and the animals have a low tendency to fat formation.

Production traits:

Charolais cattle are known for longevity and good fertility. Due to their calm temperament the animals are good herd animals and have good maternal attributes. In addition, they show the highest fattening performance and high basic forage intake capacity. Other characteristics of the animals are a high carcase yield and distinct muscularity with relatively low fat deposits on the carcase.





Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 155

ca. 145

Weight, kg

ca. 1,250

ca. 850


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