Belgian Blue


Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Belga Azul
BALDUR 10/204625 Bambin BE 555620712 2017
BAROC 10/204578 Bambin Attribut 2016 Pure white, Nice feet & legs
DELGADO 10/201573 Don-Juan Tornado 2010 Leichtkalbigkeit Bemuskelung Kein Rotfaktorträger
EFF 10/204607 Nevada Crack 2016
ELU 10/204606 Baryton Manuscrit 2016
FANTOMAS 10/204626 2016
FAUN 10/204590 Fanatique Manitou 2016 Son of Fanatique, Pure white, Nice feet & legs
FAX 10/204529 Fexhois Sheriff 2015 High daily gains, Excellent muscling, Good development
FERRARI 10/204533 Ferrero Gratin 2015 Excellent calves, Calving ease, Son of famous bull Ferrero
GOLD 10/204698 G-Star Spirit 2018
HADES 10/204614 Hitman Armstrong 2017 British genetics, No red factor, In performance testing
HANNO 10/204617 Horace Lumineux 2017
HARPER 10/204554 HARPON SEDUISANT 2016 Calving ease, Pure white, Soundness
HELI 204364 Harpon Lucas 2011 Secure calving ease, Vital calves, Proven sire
HOLSTEN WBB 10/204603 Horace Lampion 2017
IDEFIX 10/204555 Virgile Heimo 2016 Combination of Genetic from Austria/Belgium, Good calving results, No red carrier
IDOLE 10/202275 Sheriff Sauveur 2014 Young well developed sire, Highly appropriate for cross-breeding
ISAR 10/204556 VIRGILE JOKER 2016 Good calving results
ISTANBUL 10/202203 Isidor Guide 2014
IVAN 10/204557 Ferrero Apollo 2016
JOOP 10/204527 Scenario Kubitus 2015 Middle framed, Excellent muscling, High daily gains, Suitable for crossbreeding with dairy breeds
LOTTO 10/204621 Virgile Amigo 2017
LUX 10/204622 Ferrero Apollo 2017
MAINAU 10/204634 Mutant GS GUIDO 2017
MANGA 10/204553 MUTANT GS ARNIE 2016 Son of famous sire Mutant, Pure white
MESSI 10/204653 Messager Apollo 2018
MOGLI 10/202100 Messager GS Rufus 2014 Calving ease, Calves grow fast, Sexed semen available
NEMO 10/204664 Don Juan 2018
NERO 10/204706 HEARTTHROB Anderson British Blue, Very easy calvings!, Perfect for crossbreeding
NILS 10/204665 Ikon Ronaldo 2018
OASIS 10/204475 Echo Fripon 2014 Red carrier
OBELIX 10/204584 Otto Joker 2016
ODIN 10/202441 Orfevre Occupant 2015 Muscling, Fine bones, white
OMAR 10/201999 Epoir Tornado 2013
OPAL 10/204580 Olympe Tyson 2016 Pure white, Extraordinary muscling
OSIRIS 10/204629 Chalky Don-Juan 2017
OTHELLO 10/204575 Otto Joker 2016
OTTO 10/204298 Diable Ronaldo 2009
RITZ 10/204577 Resistant Oasis 2016
TAMME 10/204549 Noceur Cantona 2015
THEO WBB 10/204650 Rejoui Nelson 2017 Leistungsveranlagerung Innenkeulenbeumuskelung Kreuzungseinsatz
TITANUS 10/204573 Titane Attribut 2016
VILS 10/204624 Virgile Ferrero 2017
VIMO 10/204652 Victorieux Heimo 2017

The breed in general

Belgian Blue cattle are especially characterized by strong muscularity.


Belgian Blue are white and they are blue-white to grey speckled and brindled black and white on the base color white. Occasionally, they can be red carriers.

Polled status:

Short, stub horn slightly bent to the fore.


The medium-sized to framy animals have very fine bone structure with dry joints and healthy, robust hooves. Their stature is heavy and wide with extreme muscularity on all meat body parts.

Production traits:

Special characteristics of Belgian Blue cattle are high net weight gains with high carcase yield, best carcase quality, high percentage of valuable parts and very lean carcase. The formation of the muscling happens during the development after calving, and the calves are not above-average heavy and are fine-boned. Thus, normal calvings in commercial crossing are the result.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 148

ca. 138

Weight, kg

ca. 1,200

ca. 750