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Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
ARTUS 10/204726 Ascot Cowboy 2018 Red carrier
BARRON 10/204676 Boyfriend Princ Red 2018 Genetics from Australia, Calving ease, Type
DREAMTIME 10/204601 Dateline Heribert 2016 Frame, Fattening ability, High beef index
FIETE 10/204588 Franko Yankee K 2016 Type, High daily gains, Pure- and crossbreeding
GOLDSTAR 10/204010 Game-Red Pilot 2005
HAPPY BOY 10/204680 Raff Hercules H411 ML Net Worth 1100 E 2018 Bloodline, Type, Production
IRON 10/204321 Infinite Hennesy 2006 Easy calvings, Proven genetic
KERUBINIO K 10/204559 REA Kombi R Nick B995 2015 Performance
RED BERRY 10/204681 2018 Genetics from Canada, Type, Beef production
TOP GUN 10/204374 Tiger DALE CASINO 2011 Canadian Aberdeen Angus Genetic
TURN ON 10/204618 TIME ON B7 NET WORTH Excellent bloodlines from USA / AU, Calving ease, Daughters are troublefree cows
VG DYNASTY 10/204296 VG DYNAMIT ET DUKE 2006 Show bull, Calving ease, Excellent growth
VG DYNTO 10/204297 VG Dynasty Rito 9M9 2009 Very long type, Combination of best internat. Aberdeen Angus Genetic
WK DANILO 10/204302 DAN G002 HALLOWEEN 2009
ZENSUS 10/204671 Red Zeus Bodaclous 2017

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Angus cattle originally come from the northeast of Scotland.


Angus cattle are plain black or red.

Polled status:

The animals are genetically polled.


Among the beef breeds Angus cattle belong to the medium-sized type. They have a long body with deep rib. Shoulder and back are wide and show good muscularity. The rump is long, wide and slightly sloped offering best requirements for easy calving. Shaping of haunch muscularity is deep and wide with good shape of the inner haunch. Angus cattle are characterized by a light and short head, fine bone structure, very correct feet & legs and short, strong hooves. Udders firmly attached having short, well-placed teats enable good longevity of the cows.

Production traits:

Due to their calm character, handling the animals is easier. Having a deep rib and deep carcase they have excellent pasture suitability highly appreciated worldwide. The animals still bring high market performance on locations with poor pasture. As Angus cattle are early-maturing, the breed especially qualifies for first service at the age of 15 months; first calving will be without any problems at the age of 2 years and the animals reach their final weight after the third calf. Milk production of the cows enables a long lactation of more than 9 months with very good weight of calves at weaning. Clearly above-average roughage feed intake capacity, easy handling and good productions of the animals benefit high profitableness of the Angus breed. With good shape of valuable parts on the carcase, the animals show a clear genetic superiority for the traits delicateness and meat marbling.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 146

ca. 136

Weight, kg

ca. 1,100

ca. 700