Original Brown Swiss

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Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
AGENT 434685 Albert Maxeus 2000
AMIGO 10/608758 Asterix OB Serko OB 2017
ARMIN 344060 AMTSRAT *OB IDOLAM 2008 High milk production of dam, Long-living cow family, Kappa-casein BB, Beta-casein A1A2
ASTOR 608759 Asterix OB Dom OB 2017
ELAN 345358 EDUAL VULKAN *OB 2013 Kappa-Kasein AB, Beta-Kasein A2A2
GAUNER 435343 GLOBUS IDOL *OB 2014 High producing & long-living cow family
HARAX 347518 Harry *OB Asterix *OB 2017 Kappa-casein AA, Beta-casein A2A2
IDAN IDAR *OB NILAN *OB 1997 Beef, Longevity
IDEAL 346050 IDAN *OB WALHALL *OB 2016 Long-living cow-family, Kappa-casein AB, Beta-casein A2A2
IDOSEUS 435112 Idol Perseus 2002
ILIAN 356610 ILANZ AMNIL 2010 Beef, High production of dam
JULEX 435246 JUNKER ALEX 2011 Rare maternal blood line, Easy calfings
LANDADEL 346520 Landgraf Edison 2018 Kappa-casein AA, high milk production of dam
LANDGRAF 608574 LUDWIG *OB MINGO 2014 Calving ease, Highly productive cow family, Kappa-casein AB, Beta-casein A2A2
NIMROD 435209 NEPOMUK IDOL 2010 Easy calfings
PERSIL 354940 Perseus *OB Nimax *OB 2012 Kappa-casein BC, Beta-casein A1A2
POKER 346609 POKWAZ AMKER 2015 High production of dam, Beta-casein A2A2, Longevity
PRODEL 79280 *OB FRATZ Old genetic from the Allgäu region, Calving ease
RAMBO 435113 RADAR *OB WURF *OB 2006 Long-living dam, Beef
RIVALDO 86951 RIVAL *OB 1993 Old Swiss Genetic
SIEGER 346040 SINGAU *OB IDOLAM 2016 Longevity of his cow family, High milk production of dam, Kappa-casein BB, Beta-casein A1A2
SIGNAL 79282 Sieber MODEL 1972 Old genetic from the Allgäu region
SINGAU 343614 SIGNAL*OB AMNIL *OB 2007 Original Braunvieh, Beta caseina A2A2, Carne
URANO 79252 URAL *OB MARINO *OB 1991 Old Swiss Genetic, Milk production of dam
VITAL 608778 Votan *OB Max *OB 2017 Kappa-casein BB, Beta-casein A1A2
WALLER 356840 WURF *OB GLOBUS *OB 2017 Beta-casein-A2A2
WIELAND 435157 WINO IDOL 2006 Longevity
WILDFANG 435437 Wurf OB Radar *OB 2016 Long-living bloodline: , Dam 13 calfs, Grand dam 9 calfs
WURF 79276 Wucht *OB DIEPOLD *OB Old genetic from the Allgäu region, Calving ease
ZAR 345803 Zauberer Amtsrat 2013 Kappa-casein BB, Beta-casein A1A2

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

The Brown Swiss breed was originally housed in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Its origin is in Switzerland. From 1965 dairy, framy bulls from the USA were crossbred with the local population in order to increase milk production. Through this, the Original Brown Swiss breed was almost eliminated. Through efforts of different breeding associations and stakeholders, the Original Brown Swiss breed could be saved from extinction. Nowadays, the population in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg has recovered.


The color varies from dark brown to grey brown. The horn tip, the muzzle and hooves are darkly pigmented. The muzzle is lightly surrounded. The hair coat inside the ears is light as well.

Polled status:

The animals have horns by nature.


The medium-sized cattle have a deep body with strong bone structure and good muscularity.

Production traits:

Original Brown Swiss are dual purpose cattle for milk and beef. They are very robust and known for longevity enabling very extensive keeping. The cows have good maternal qualities, persistent fertility, rearing performance, are undemanding and easy to milk. They also have high vitality and great longevity due to good persistency. The lower milk production of Original Brown Swiss – lactation production is at approx. 6,000 kg milk with 3.8 % fat and 3.5 % protein – compared to Brown Swiss cattle is compensated by clearly better fattening ability and meat quality. Daily weight gains of 1,200 to 1,300 g are possible.




Withers height, cm

ca. 145 - 155

ca. 130 - 140

Weight, kg

ca. 900 – 1,200

ca. 550 - 700