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Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características
Nombre No. de registro Padre PM nacido. Características

Breed characteristics

The breed in general

Source area of Hinterwald cattle is the southern Black Forest where it is still housed today.


The animals have a yellow to red coat, but they can have a brindle coat, too. Head and legs are always white.

Polled status:

Their horns are often curved and can grow lyriform as the animals get older. There are also polled families.


The body of Hinterwald cattle is somewhat smaller and lighter. The animals’ bone structure is very fine and feet & legs as well as hooves are very good.

Production traits:

Hinterwald cattle are robust, frugal and especially known for longevity. Due to lighter weight, movability, high surefootedness and strong hooves, the animals can even graze on the steepest locations on a slope without causing erosion damage. Furthermore, fertility and calving ease are very good. More advantages are tenderness of the meat as well as remarkably good feed intake.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 135

ca. 122

Weight, kg

ca. 750

ca. 420