Sire proof run December 2021 - Brwon Swiss


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Proven sires Brown Swiss

The indexation of December of the daughter proven Brown Swiss bulls brings stability and not much new. Already popular and proven cow makers like JAKARTA, VERITAS, HAMBURG, VERDI, VIP, VESPA PS, AMOR, JUCATOR, HARVARD, CADURA, BRILLIANT, HIDALGO or HACKER remain their high level and are absolutely recommendable also in the new season.

If and when the number 1 HUSOLD (HURAY x PRESOLD) will ever have to leave his pole position is still written in the stars. With a GZW of 146, he’s higher than ever and even rises once again by +2 points at a reliability of 98%. HUSOLD-daughters are highly performing with a great fertility, longevity and persistency. Those who didn’t use him yet should maybe think about it because he represents the most reliable genetic on the highest level.

Directly behind him, on the second place, follows VISOR PS (VIPER Pp x HUXOY), the polled top sire. With his third run as a proven sire, he stabilises on a high level. He loses a bit in quantity of milk, but rises once again in the components and so, he fits perfectly in the breed’s philosophy. VISOR PS’ breeding values for fitness and morphology are outstanding, only the persistency and hock development are a bit below-average. One of his particularities are also the clearly positive muscling and beef performance.

The highest winner of this proof run (+3 points) is PUKARI (PUCK x VANPARI), the best PUCK-son. He was relatively unknown as a genomic young sire, but today with a GZW of 136, he’s a daughter proven all-rounder which should be used in every herd. PUKARI is appropriate for heifers and brings the desired casein variants BB/A2A2.

In the meantime, four DARIO-sons can be found in the top segment. The highest of them is DRAGON (DARIO x JULENG), his strengths are a high amount of milk and a good fitness. The most complete is DORIAN (DARIO x ANIBAL) which brings very high components, a top morphology and a good fitness. He can also be recommended for ecological farms. DAVINCI (DARIO x VIGOR) is out of the sixfold bull dam Faith and can be used to improve the protein content. A new daughter proven DARIO-son is DAMAST (DARIO x HARLEY). He’s a sire for a high milk performance and a good milking speed, persistency and udder health.

The highest newcomer is VALERIAN (VASSLI x JULENG). He combines a good milk performance with a correct type. The medium-framed daughters walk on excellent feet and have long udders with a strong central ligament. Among the functional traits, VALERIAN has high breeding values for milking speed and calves’ vitality.

HALLODRI (HARLEY x VASIR) is the second best HARLEY-son and a sire for a high milk performance. You can use him on heifers and will be pleased by a good calves’ vitality & milking speed and BB/A2A2. Also, HALLODRI brings an above-average muscling and beef performance for good prices of the bull calves and slaughtering cows.

If you want to improve the udder quality of the herd, use HELAU (HEBRON x JULAU). He rises by +4 points to a GZW of 130 and also transmits highly positive for udder health and milk components.

Eagerly awaited were the results of ANIS (ANIBAL x VASIR). A good type, a high fat content, a very good udder health and the desired casein variants BB/A2A2 are his strengths.

Our popular type specialist ANTONOV (ANIBAY x VANPARI) rises by +4 points in GZW, he gains +2 points in milk and morphology. ANTONOV brings a limited amount of milk, but very high components, a top persistency and a very calm character. With 192 daughters judged in morphology and a reliability of 97%, his outstanding type indices are absolutely reliable.


Genomic young sires

After the indexation of December, two DANE-sons are at the top of the list: DASH (DANE x JOSCHKA) and DIOR (DANE x VASSLI). Both transmit an outstanding milk performance and a very good udder health, again a bit longer and thicker teats and BB/A2A2. DIOR is a bit higher in the type traits, but DASH will bring a top persistency (index 118).

With PORTLAND, PICCARD and PLATIN, the first PIANO-sons are available and start at a very high level. Similar to their sire, they bring a high performance with a good persistency and an ideal milking speed. Regarding the type, framy, but not too tall cows with good udders are expected. PICCARD is also interesting because of his high fat-%.

From the “C”-bloodline which goes back to CADENCE, the full brothers CHAGALL & CARAVAGGIO (CATMAN x SEASIDEBLOOM) as well as CARTAGO (CAPRI x HIDALGO) enrich our offer. They all bring a very high milk performance with a good milking speed.

NATHAN (NATUREL x VASSLI) is the right choice for fans of high type-bulls. The AMOR-grandson brings highly performing cows with a good persistency and a high milking speed. ALPPRINZ (ALPSEE x VINERY) is another member of the AMOR-line and one of only two available ALPSEE-sons in AI. He brings a good milk performance, persistency and udder health and probably easy calvings.

VINDIESEL (VALID x DANE) promises very correct cows (morphology index 120). He transmits very balanced in milk, beef and fitness and is an all-rounder on a very high level. On top of that, we expect very good udders with again a bit longer and thicker teats.

VANCE (VOLKER x AURANTO) manages the balancing act between a high amount of milk and a good fat content. Furthermore, he’s homozygous BB/A2A2, probably suitable for heifers and will bring good udders.

The dam of SILVAN, a SIDENCE-son, is a VANPARI-daughter with extremely high components. She gave nearly 9,000 kg of milk with 5.28% fat and 4% protein on an average of two years. SILVAN himself will make highly performing and very fertile cows.

HIERONYMO (HOCHDORF x ANSELM) brings medium-framed, deep cows with clearly sloped rumps, dry hocks and high udders with a strong central ligament. He transmits very balanced in milk and fitness. With a not too high amount of milk, a top longevity and a good persistency & udder health, he’s also very appropriate for organic farms.

Also the polled bulls have a new number one: SEPP Pp (SIDENCE x HERCULES). With the polled gene coming from his great-grandfather EMSLAND PS, he’s a bloodline-alternative to the widespread polled “V”-bloodline. SEPP Pp promises a high performance and a good fitness. On top of that, he’s homozygous BB/A2A2 and probably suitable for heifers.

Our most complete polled sire still remains VELES Pp (VIDAL PS x VOBIS). His sire VIDAL PS meanwhile has over 93 daughters in milk which convince with their nice morphology and good performance with high components. This summer, we could visit the breeder’s farm and see VELES Pp’s dam once again: in her 3. lac., she looks absolutely youthful in spite of her enormous performance (Ø 12,634 kg milk, 4.14% fat, 3.49% protein). VELES Pp has an aAa-code of 423651 and is also available sexed female.

A new polled bull is VARIANZ PS (VASMOR x VIPER Pp). With his breeding values, we can hope for a high milk fat content and framy daughters with tightly attached udders.

With DESIGN PP (DAVID Pp x VISOR PS), the best homozygous polled bull is now available. He’s a solid all-rounder with a functional morphology without extremes and probably suitable for heifers.

VINCERO Pp (VISOR PS x SALOMON) is the polled sire for morphology on the highest level. But he also brings high components and a good fitness.

VALLEJO Pp (VALID x WACHTER Pp) has an alternative dam’s father and convinces with good breeding values for type, longevity and persistency.

BACHELOR, the best son of the well-known BENDER, is already now famous. He’s the right choice for everybody who wants to breed the next show cow. But not only that, BACHELOR also brings high components and good functional traits.

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