Sire proof run August 2021 - Fleckvieh


Sire proof run August 2021 - Fleckvieh

Fleckvieh - Genomische Junvererber

Shortly after the sire proof run of August, we would like to give you some news also on the genomic Fleckvieh bulls. Already well-known and popular young sires like HASHTAG, EASY, ERASMUS, MCFLY Pp, ESPRESSO, MERCURY Pp and many others stay in the top lists and can be broadly used. But we also added some new, very interesting ones to our offer. A few of them shall be presented in the following.

With HIROTO (HERMELIN x MIAMI x VILLEROY), one of the best HERMELIN-sons is now available. The young bull from the Sperr farm/Satteldorf descends from Lillibeth, a beautiful and highly-performing daughter of MIAMI. The latter one currently calls the attention in practice with an outstanding udder quality of his daughters. The cow line of HIROTO is one of the most successful ones in Baden-Wurttemberg with many show champions and sires in AI. HIROTO is an absolute all-rounder on such a high level. Regarding the type, we expect medium-framed cows, dry hocks and long udders with a strong central ligament.

For those who seek a bull to improve the udder quality of their herd, EDELSEE (EDELSTEIN x HERZSCHLAG x REUMUT) from Martin Gschossmann/Kühbach is the right choice. With an udder index of 140, he’s internationally the highest Fleckvieh bull in this trait. Furthermore, his breeding values promise a high milk and beef performance as well as a good milking speed. The good pigmentation makes EDELSEE also interesting for farms with pasture grazing.

A similarly high udder quality can be expected of his half-brother EGOIST (EDELSTEIN x HERZSCHLAG x WALDBRAND) from the Waldhör farm/Postmünster. Similar pedigree, but different inheritance: EGOIST brings less milk-kg, but higher components as well as a good beef performance and fitness.

The first sons of the well-known MIAMI-son MANAUS are available. They convince with their phenotype as very typey young bulls with sloped rumps. Currently the best one of them is MONKEY (MANAUS x SISYPHUS x WALDBRAND) from Sebastian Blindhuber/Miesbach. Beside +983 kg milk, he inherits, thanks to his dam’s father SISYPHUS, a very high fat content and a top beef performance. Regarding the functional traits, the good calves’ vitality and a very high milking speed call the attention. His daughters will be well-muscled with long udders and correct feet. His half-brother MANJANA (MANAUS x HARIBO x VERSETTO) from the Grabenbauer farm/Fischbach is lower in components, but has higher breeding values for udder and fitness.

HEROIC (HERZPOCHEN x ETOSCHA x PANDORA) from the Mosandl GbR/Dietfurt is an all-rounder on the highest level. He brings milk and beef and is clearly positive in almost all functional traits. His daughters will please with high, tightly-attached udders. He’s probably suitable for heifers.

The WOBBLER-son WOIWODE was highly utilised as a bulls’ father and has several sons in AI. Beside the already well-known and very interesting young bulls WOSSI, WOSIS and WINSTON, we added two more of them to our offer. WING (WOIWODE x HERZSCHLAG x REUMUT) from Martin Gschossmann/Kühbach descends from the HERZSCHLAG-daughter Lanica, which already is a multiple bull dam. Beside the best dual purpose character, he brings framy cows with tightly attached, long udders. WOIDKE (WOIWODE x HARIBO x WABAN) from the Bochtler farm/Ingoldingen inherits very balanced in milk, fitness and type. He’s probably suitable for heifers and with his high ETMI also interesting for ecological farms.

HOROSKOP (HOCHHINAUS x REMMEL x WARRIOR) from the Nutz farm/Deining promises the best dual purpose type. Beside an enormous milk and beef performance, we also can expect very typey daughters. No wonder if you look at his cow family, e.g. his grand dam Eifel, a massive daughter of WARRIOR with a performance of 9,334 kg of milk with 4.43% fat and 3.52% protein on an average of 4 years.

With RICHMOND (REMO x RALDI x EVEREST) from the Heinrich farm/Schönlindt, a new young sire of the meanwhile rare ROMEN-bloodline is available. But he’s not just interesting because of his pedigree: he inherits highly positive for longevity, udder health and milk performance. Regarding the type, RICHMOND brings framy cows with correct udders and feet. With 107 in teat length and 112 in teat thickness, he is a precious mating partner to correct too thin and short teats.

Not so new anymore, but constantly rising, is HIDALGO (HILFINGER x MANUAP x ROUNDUP) from Rupert Reininger/Reiselfing. With the switch to single step in April, he rose by +6 points in GZW, and now with the good results of father HILFINGER’s daughters, again by +1 point to a GZW of 133. HIDALGO is an absolute all-rounder which leaves nearly nothing to desire: a high amount of milk with slightly positive components, a good beef performance, clearly above-average inheritance for longevity, persistency and udder health, an ideal milking speed, normal calvings and the desired casein variants BB/A2A2. With father HILFINGER and dam’s father MANUAP, we can also expect a high quality of the morphology, which can also be seen in his type indices. Only the below-average muscling should be kept in mind.

There are also many new genetically polled bulls in our portfolio:

With MATTES Pp (MAJESTAET PP x HUGOBOSS x IMPOSIUM) from the Löhrlein GbR/Stadelhofen, a new MAJESTAET PP-son is available. His cow family convinces with very high components (dam Remona almost 5% fat, grand dam Regula over 4% protein). MATTES Pp is used for planned mating in Bavaria.

From the G-cow family from the Pilz farm/Kallmünz, we have even three bulls in our offer: the homozygous polled HAKA PP (HATTRICK PP x MAHANGO Pp x HURRICAN) as well as the two heterozygous polled EDELSTEIN-sons EBENHOLZ Pp (EDELSTEIN x MAHANGO Pp x HURRICAN) and EDELPILZ Pp (EDELSTEIN x MUERITZ PS x MAHANGO Pp, soon available). Recently we had the chance to have a look at the cow family in the breeder’s barn and we were heavily impressed! Enormously muscled, deep, broad and framy cows which represent the dual purpose character of Fleckvieh in perfection.

VIELSEITIG Pp (VOLLKOMMEN Pp x IMPERATIV x POLAROID) descends from the E-cow line of Frank Hofmann/Gersfeld, which already brought the bulls MANAUS, IMPOSSUM and IMMENS. VIELSEITIG Pp brings high components, a good beef performance and fitness and probably easy calvings. His daughters will convince with an excellent type and a good muscling. VIELSEITIG Pp doesn’t have MAHANGO Pp in his pedigree.

Another polled bloodline alternative is WHYNOW Pp (WELTMACHT x GENTLEMAN PS x INCREDIBLE PP) from the Garnreiter farm/Tuntenhausen. His framy daughters will please the breeders with a high amount of milk, a good udder health and longevity.

MARLEY PP (MASASI PP x HUTERA x WAHNWITZIG PS) from the Kleinschrot GbR/Kleinharbach is a new homozygous polled bull without MAHANGO Pp-blood. He brings a medium amount of milk with high components, a good longevity and probably easy calvings. A functional type and a bit longer, thicker teats complete his breeding pattern.

Another bloodline-alternative PP-bull is MEXICO PP (MUNTER PS x MAXIMUM Pp x REUMUT) from the Haunerdinger GbR/Kirchanschöring. He’s an absolute all-rounder which inherits very balanced in milk, beef and fitness. Regarding the type traits, he’s one of the very few bulls for a bit more angle in the feet and longer, thicker teats.

Have a look at our entire offer of genomic Fleckvieh bulls:

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