GARFIELD – health specialist

GARFIELD (GYWER x BANDARES x DAMARIS) descends from the famous Alexa/Ravenna family. His dam Alexis scored VG 85 and his granddam Dream achieved excellent 90 points, on top of that a score of 93 for udder.

This bull transmits fantastic conformation (RZE 128) with lots of body depth and strength. The rump is wide and ideally sloped. GARFIELD impresses with optimal feet & legs resulting in super locomotion of his daughters. He is also considered a fantastic udder sire (123).

GARFIELD stands out with great health values (RZhealth 123), in which he can especially improve udder fitness and metabolic stability. He transmits a high amount of milk with neutral components. In addition, the bull can perform well in cell score, daughter fertility and milking speed.

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