Fleckvieh - Walduris



Ready to follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather


If one would ask Fleckvieh breeders which sires have left the best cows in the last twenty years, WALDBRAND would probably be often mentioned. For years, daughters of this WINNIPEG-son dominated the Fleckvieh shows, and he left a large number of impressive cows, among them lots of bull dams. But nowadays, he can be only rarely found in the direct paternal line in the pedigrees of genomic young sires. There are very few direct WALDBRAND-grandsons with high breeding values.

An exception is the WALOT-son WALDURIS from the Mayer farm/Möderbrugg (Austria). He has the potential to preserve the strengths and the bloodline of his famous grandfather. And WALDURIS has strong arguments: he inherits a high amount of milk with high components, a good beef performance, an outstanding morphology with excellent udders and a strong muscling as well as a good fitness. Among the functional traits, especially the udder health and persistency stand out.

WALDURIS’ cow family promises longevity and high performances: his dam Itala gave 11,838 kg of milk with 4.25% fat and 3.24% protein on an average of four years. His grand dam Iren gave 9.970 kg of milk with 4.56% fat and 3.19% protein on an average of six years.

WALDURIS is already a certain time in our offer and still remains very popular with our clients. He’s already been used in Columbia, Poland, Italy, Austria and France. In France, he’s one of the highest bulls according to ISU (French TMI). He’s now almost three years old and has developed perfectly in the barn of his owner Besamungsverein Nordschwaben.

WALDURIS is homozygous A2A2 and also available sexed female! Further info via: