Today’s topic – outcross: bulls with alternate pedigrees


Outcross sires

Bulls with alternate pedigrees

In the last years, sires like HUTERA, MAHANGO, EVEREST and many others were very successful in Fleckvieh breeding and thus can be found in the pedigrees of many top bulls. To avoid too much inbreeding when you want to mate daughters of these bulls, you can use bulls with alternate pedigrees, in other words, bulls which don’t descend from highly used bull fathers. We would like to present you some of these interesting outcross bulls in the following.

BENTLEY (BEN x MINT x ZAUBER) from the Feicht farm in Brannenburg is a son of the positively proven morphology specialist BEN. BENTLEY promises a high amount of milk, a good fitness and a functional type without extremes. There were already many calves born and he’s certainly suitable for heifers. On top of that, he’s homozygous for kappa-casein BB and has a high fertilisation rate of +4%.

ELDORADO (ERBHOF x ZEPTER x MANTON) from the Estelmann farm/Gerolfing combines milk and beef performances on the highest level. He’s also suitable for heifers and due to the strong pigmentation very interesting for locations with pasture grazing.

GIORGIO (GUCCI x HURRICAN x INDI) from the Schneider farm/Sulzbach is the best GUCCI-son and a bull for the best dual purpose. His framy daughters will please the breeders with a high fat content of the milk and healthy udders.

For those who want to improve sustainably the udder quality of their herd, HELIFAX (HERO x RALDI x DELL) from the Lohner family/Dorfen is the right choice. With HURLY, RALDI and DELL, he has three daughter proven udder specialists in his pedigree, no wonder that he himself has an udder index of 130! On top of that, he combines a high milk yield with a good fitness. With an ecological TMI of 134, he’s also very interesting for organic farms.

HIMMLISCH (HIMEROS x RAVE x GEBALOT) from the Gschossmann farm /Kühbach was one of the best newcomers among the daughter proven bulls at the proof run of April. He stands for dual purpose, a very good fitness and a top morphology. His medium-framed, strongly muscled daughters convince with excellent feet and udders.

An absolute all-rounder is JOCKL (JANDA x VERSETTO x WALDSTEIN) from the Amman farm/Röns. He’s a bull for high components, a very good fertility and a high udder quality.

KALUGA (PALUT x WILLIAMS x HUPSOL) from the Dangelmaier farm/Aalen is the only available PALUT-son. He inherits a medium amount of milk and a nearly faultless conformation. Especially the long udders with again a bit longer and thicker teats make him very interesting.

LICHTBLICK (LOSONE x REUMUT x IMPOSIUM) and LICHTSPIEL (LOSONE x WILLE x RESOLUT) are two of the few still existing members of the direct HAXL-bloodline. LICHTBLICK from the Bernöcker farm /Hausham descends from a highly-performing REUMUT-mother with 6 calves. He has already been used successfully in the breeding program and is a double bull father. LICHTSPIEL from the Irl farm/Fraunberg promises a high amount of milk with clearly positive components, a good persistency and a functional type without extremes.

NEPTUN (NARUMOL x PASSION x PEPSI) from the Baumgartner farm/Buch am Erlbach was one of the big winners of the switch to the single-step method and is surely one of the highest outcross sires at the moment. With +1075 kg milk, he still is clearly positive for almost all functional traits and brings framy, deep cows with sloped rumps and high, tightly attached udders.

PINOLA (PERFEKT x WABAN x RENWART) from the Bochtler farm/Ingoldingen brings highly performing, healthy dairy cows. Regarding the conformation traits, the long udders and high claws attract the attention. On top of that, he has a good fertilisation rate (+2%).

SIKU (SYSTEM x MANIGO x ROMARIO) from the Vogle farm/Furth is one of only two available SYSTEM-sons and no less interesting than his popular half-brother SIDO. SIKU combines the high milk performance potential of his grandsire SALDANA with MANIGO’s strengths in the functional traits and the feet.

WINASSI PS (WINDSOR PS x GARIBALDI PS x VOGT) from the Fohrer GbR/Feuchtwangen is the perfect polled mating partner for daughters of MAHANGO Pp or MANOLO Pp. He’s an absolute all-rounder and on top of that, he brings again a bit longer, thicker teats and beta-casein A2A2.

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