Sire proof run December 2021 - Fleckvieh


News from the sire proof run Fleckvieh


Proven sires Fleckvieh

The indexation of December of the daughter proven Fleckvieh bulls was very satisfying. Popular GGI-Spermex-sires like SISYPHUS, MINOR, VILLEROY, WHATEVER, VENTURA, IRREGUT PS, SEHRGUT, IMPERATIV, MANOLO Pp, DREAM, ROYAL, HOOD, MEGA PP and many others keep their high level and still belong to the best ones of their breed.

Surely by now, there’s no reason for not using HOKUSPOKUS (HURLY x NARR). He’s the second-best proven Fleckvieh bull of all and an absolute all-rounder: he brings milk, components, beef, fitness, A2A2, a good type and easy calvings. Also his half-brother HILFINGER (HURLY x WILLE) remains in the top of the list, he brings the best dual purpose and excellent udders. Another HURLY-son and a real surprise is HAZIENDA (dam’s father: REUMUT). With a GZW of 128 at his first indexation in December 2017, he was only one of many HURLY-sons. Now with a GZW of 132, he’s one of the best. Also HAZIENDA is an all-rounder with easy calvings, A2A2, clearly positive fat-% and medium-framed daughters with good udders.

EXKLUSIV (ETOSCHA x WABAN) is the best newcomer in the progeny tested segment. He brings a high amount of milk with a good fat content, a high beef performance and a good fitness. Regarding the type, his daughters stand out with high and tightly-attached udders and a strong central ligament. His half-brother ELEVATION (ETOSCHA x PANDORA) narrowly missed the jump into the proven segment, but his first 15 daughters in milk seem very promising, especially in the morphology.

The daughters of VERBLUEFFT (VOLLGAS x INROS) manage the balancing between a high milk performance and a good udder health. The below-average muscling and beef performance should be kept in mind.

ZAZU (ZEPTER x WATT) rises by +5 points in GZW, he improves once again in udder health, longevity and fertility. Another climber (+4 points) is HARUN, a sire for a high milk performance and a very good persistency. Outstanding sires for the best dual purpose type are WINDSPIEL (WERTVOLL x VANADIN), HIMMLISCH (HIMEROS x RAVE), MYLIFE Pp (MAHANGO Pp x GRIMM PS) and HERZPOCHEN (HERZSCHLAG x VANADIN). All of them bring highly performing and typey Fleckvieh cows with a strong muscling and excellent udders.

The components specialist par excellence among the proven bulls is VLATURO (VLARO x HUTERA). On top of that, he’s homozygous A2A2 and appropriate for heifers.

For those who search a high proven sire with an alternative pedigree, MIRSANGUAT (MIR x EMPATHIE) is the right choice. He brings framy, long-living and very robust cows.

MANGOLD is one of the best MANDRIN-sons. Very easy calvings, a high amount of milk, a faultless morphology and a good fitness make him so interesting.

ZEPPELIN (ZEPTER x EVEREST) makes fat milk! With a top fertility, clearly sloped rumps, more angle in the hocks and perfectly long teats, he’s the ideal mating partner for many cows.

SIESTA is the first progeny tested son of SEHRGUT. Similar to his father, he presents himself as an all-rounder with a high performance and a functional type without extremes.

MALAGA Pp (MAHANGO Pp x REUMUT) starts with very solid results in the progeny tested segment. He transmits positively in nearly all the traits, only the milking speed and calves’ vitality are his weaknesses. On top of that, he’s one of our best bulls in the new trait milking temperament, so he makes very calm cows.

If you like easy-handling, robust cows, you should use MARS (MARTIN x WILLE). With 120 in persistency, he’s also very interesting for breeders who think about a longer intercalving period.

MORI and MIDAS are the first two progeny tested MONUMENTAL-sons. Both convince with a high amount of milk and a very good type. Especially the feet & legs stand out here. The lower milk components should be kept in mind.

With WERTKLASSE (WERTVOLL x VANADIN), already the fourth son of the popular bull dam Bandita, which is also the mother of HERZPOCHEN, WINDSPIEL and SALADIN, is positively proven. Similarly to his half- and full brothers, WERTKLASSE brings dual purpose on a high level and a strong muscling.

WIKIPE is a very typical son of WISCONA and now daughter proven. Similarly to his father, he brings a limited amount of milk, but with a very high protein content, and a morphology on show level. He shouldn’t be used on heifers.

LIAM is the second-best son of LOSUNG of the rare HAXL-bloodline. His strengths are a high amount of milk, easy calvings and very calm daughters.

HERZTON (HERZSCHLAG x MANTON) is 20 points better in fitness than his famous father and on top of that, his semen has a very good fertilisation. He brings a high milk performance with a top milking speed. With dam’s father VANADIN, dual purpose is deeply anchored in the pedigree of the HERZSCHLAG-son HERDER. So he transmits very well in milk and beef, the below-average fitness should be kept in mind. His half-brother HERZAU (HERZSCHLAG x ROTGLUT) has been very popular already as a genomic young sire. He brings a good milk performance and a high udder quality, especially the teat placement shall be mentioned here.


Genomic young sires

After the indexation of December, already well-known genomic young sires like HASTHAG, HIROTO, WEBEX, ZEIGER, ESPRESSO, ERASMUS, WABANATI, EASY or IQ Pp keep their high level and remain in the top lists. Nevertheless, we also have several new young bulls in our offer, you can look forward to not less than 30 new genomic bulls from ten different bloodlines. Some of them are presented in the following.

The new sons of our daughter proven top bull SISYPHUS caused a furore even before they have been available. SUNSHINE (SISYPHUS x WABAN) is with a GZW of 144 the highest of all Fleckvieh bulls in AI. With extremely high components and a complete breeding pattern, he’s rightly the number 1. His half-brother SENATOR (SISYPHUS x MANIGO) comes from a highly-performing MANIGO-daughter in the fourth lactation. His breeding values let us hope for easy calvings, lots of milk with a high protein content & cappa-casein BB and excellent udders. No less interesting is SORGFALT (SISYPHUS x HOTROCKET). With a beef index of 117, he also promises a top beef performance.

An absolute stroke of luck in terms of dual purpose and Fleckvieh type is WESTKAP (WESTPARK x HERZPOCHEN). He brings milk and beef performance on the highest level, a good fitness and long, deep and strongly muscled cows with broad rumps and tightly attached udders. His dam is a beautiful and highly performing HERZPOCHEN-daughter which gave already in the first 100 days over 3,000 kg of milk with 4.70% fat and 3.33% protein.

Other new young sires for type which manage the balancing between a strong muscling and the best udders are WAHRELIEBE (WUESTENSOHN x VOLLWERT), HOGWARTS (HOKUSPOKUS x WALOT) and EINDRUCK (EMERSON x WOBBLER).

HERRENHOF (HERZFEUER x ERBHOF) is one of only three HERZFEUER-sons in AI. He’s a very complete member of the HUTERA-bloodline with the best dual purpose, a clearly positive protein content, a good fitness and a functional type. The hock angularity should be kept in mind.

VOGELFREI, VITALIS and VAPIANO bring the strengths of their father VLUTLICHT into the next generation, because just like him, they promise dual purpose on the highest level. With VILLEROY, VORUM and MACBETH, they have rarely used dam’s fathers and can be broadly used.

Also MYDAY (MYDARLING x POLAROID) has an alternative dam’s father. He brings a high milk and beef performance and, similarly to his grandfather MIAMI, very long udders.

The quality of polled genetic in Fleckvieh is meanwhile enormously high. New heterozygous polled bulls are MOTIV Pp (MONOPOLY PS x HUNTER), MACEO Pp (MANAUS x MAHANGO Pp), MERAN Pp (MANAUS x MAHONI Pp) and DAVOS Pp (DAX x MAHANGO Pp). Among the homozygous polled bulls, MONET PP (MERCEDES Pp x VOTARY Pp), MARAKESCH PP (MAROKKO PP x VOTARY Pp), MAYA PP (MAJESTAET PP x VOLLGAS PS), HEARTLAND PP (HEARTBEAT PS x VOLLGAS PS), MAIS PP (MAILAND PP x HARIBO), MERCADO PP (MAI PS x WALCH) and MORUS PP (MAILAND PP x MANOLO PP) are now available.

If you want to breed with the best udder-bulls of Fleckvieh, you have to take a look at the EDELSTEIN-sons, e.g. the already popular EGOIST (EDELSTEIN x HERZSCHLAG) or a new one, EPIKUR (EDELSTEIN x HERZSCHLAG).

It is particularly pleasing that we can offer you this time once again several high outcross bulls, e.g. SILBERMOND (STERN x MANTON), PLOPPY (PLANET x WABAN), REVOLUTION (RAUCH x WIKINGER), MECHIHOM (MUSTANG x HENDORF) or ODYSSEUS (ORKA x HERZSCHLAG).

On top of that, we have various new young sires which are homozygous for the desired casein variants BB/A2A2: WEISSLING (WEISSENSEE x WOBBLER), WINTERSEE (WINTERSTAR x ERBHOF), REVOLUTION (RAUCH x WIKINGER) and PLOPPY (PLANET x WABAN).

WEINTIGER (WEINBRAND x VANSTEIN) will bring colour into your barns because he has the rare Tiger colour. As the only WEINBRAND-son in AI, he has a rare sire and makes functional cows with a good milk performance.

The highest Fleckvieh bull for milk yield with + 2,150 kg milk is HIAMOVI (HERZKLOPFEN x WOBBLER). He’s probably suitable for heifers and brings also a good beef performance. Because of the very high milking speed, the extreme performance and the weaknesses in the functional traits, he should be mated with care.

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