Clapton 769401

We are introducing to you the bull Clapton today. The VH Crown son offers solid production breeding values and especially scores with conformation and fitness. Clapton promises medium-sized to framy...

Simply Red
Simply Red

Simply Red 823264

We are introducing to you the bull Simply Red today. Simply Red scores with very good milk yield. He transmits remarkable udder health, high longevity and very good conformation. His linear profile ...



ERWIN (ERASCO x HARLEY x VASIR) Erwin is one of the highest daughter proven Brown Swiss-bulls at the moment. With the indexation of April, he once again rises by 6 points in GZW and brings a medium am...


Dante PP

After DON PP, a new homozygous polled son of DAVID Pp is available: DANTE PP (DAVID Pp x VIPER Pp x NOFAK). He’s a very balanced bull with high components and a very good fitness. Especially the udder...

Sailor PP
Sailor PP

Sailor PP 917660

We are introducing to you the polled bull Sailor PP today. The Solitair P son combines high production with neutral components, very good longevity and best health. Sailor PP transmits medium statur...



This beautiful and well-typed young bull is creating a furore at the moment: WONDERLAND (WEITBLICK x MAHANGO Pp x REUMUT). At present, he’s one of the highest genomic young sires of the Fleckvieh bree...


Garnier Red 811640

We are introducing to you the bull Garnier Red. The Gywer RDC son descends from the D-R-A August family. Garnier combines enormous production potential with best conformation qualities and remarkabl...


Neue Überschrift

If HEGEL (HERKULES x SISYPHUS x HUTERA) will be one day as famous as his namesake, the famous German philosopher? The conditions therefore are fulfilled. His father HERKULES, one of the best Fleckvieh...

Havano PP
Havano PP

Havano PP 619205

We are introducing to you the bull Havano PP today. The Hotspot P son descends from a Mission P dam and scores with very good milk production as well as positive fat and protein percentages. Havano P...


Manolo Pp

With this bull, Fleckvieh enthusiasts go into raptures: MANOLO Pp (MANIGO x WAPULS x RALMESBACH PS). This genetically polled sire is currently breaking all records: he’s the second best available prov...


Skavi 823246

We are introducing to you the bull Skavi today. The Skywalker son descends from the cow family of Lylehaven Lila Z EX 94. Skavi scores with lots of milk power and outstanding udder health. He also o...

Sorelio P
Sorelio P

Sorelio P 793070

We are introducing to you the bull Sorelio P today. The Solitair P son descends from the family of the Canadian cow Glen Drummond Splendor. Sorelio P convinces with good production and best udder he...


Carenzo 823256

We are introducing to you the bull Carenzo today. Carenzo was born in Denmark and is a son of VH Crown out of Federal. The VH Crown son scores with very good milk production and positive components....


HACKER – a living legend!

Bulls like HACKER (HURAY x HUCOS x SIMERL) are very rare in cattle breeding. This magnificent Brown Swiss bull, son of the famous HURAY and meanwhile over twelve years old, has more than 50.000 descen...

POLDI 167776 (2020-08 KeLeKi).jpg

Poldi 10/167776

A great diversity of bloodlines is very important in cattle breeding to avoid losses of performance and animal health because of inbreeding. It is therefore all the more pleasing that again and again,...


Napoli 10/346870

With NAPOLI (NAMUR x PIRELLI x HUXOY), we present you a very interesting son of the French VASSLI-son NAMUR. NAPOLI descends from the well-known U-cow family of the Finkel farm in Ofterschwang/Bavaria...


Brown Swiss

At the top of the proven BS bulls, only few things change. HUSOLD stays the number 1 since several proof runs. Well-known bulls like HOBAS, PUSTERTAL, HAPAT, VERDI, HIGHLENG, VASSLI, VANPARI and HARVA...



The indexation of December was very gratifying for many of our proven sires. SISYPHUS continues being on the top with an incredible GZW (TMI) of 140. Moreover, many already well-known and proven bulls...

Grand P.jpg
Simon P daughter Grand P

8th VOSt Select Sale

The 8th Select Sale of the VOSt took place as an online auction on Friday, November 27th 2020. Numerous nations were part of the event so that one third of the collection was sold abroad including It...



DOUGLAS (DOBOY x SEASIDEBLOOM x VASIR) is the new bloodline alternative for your herd! The genomic young sire promises very correct and high-performing Brown Swiss cows. But the highlight of DOUGLAS i...


Gigabyte 573654

We are introducing to you the bull Gigabyte today. The Gymnast son descends from the family of GMB VAL Blackstar Jean EX 94. Having the further sire line-up Silver x Model x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn x Dur...

uploads_sperma_stierfotos_1797074_67085_original_benicio_823252_barett_1.70491 (2).jpg

Benicio 823252

We are introducing to you the bull Benicio today. The Barett son descends from the Goldwyn Desiree VG 89 family. Benicio transmits very good milk yield with positive components. He especially excels...



Today we would like to present you a genomic Brown Swiss bull with an international pedigree: DEJAVU. The genomic young sire of the Paulsteiner farm in Rückholz/Bavaria descends from a proven cow fami...

Acryl PP

Acryl PP 997313

We are introducing to you the polled, Red & White bull Acryl PP today. Acryl PP descends from the Delta Alumette family, which is strong for conformation and can be traced back to the famous Belg...


Global 917646

We are introducing to you the Red & White bull Global today. The Gywer RDC son transmits lots of milk with good longevity and best health. His excellent feet and legs – enabling optimal locomotio...


Bender 811643

We are introducing to you the bull Bender today. The Bali son transmits solid milk production with positive components. He offers high breeding values for longevity, udder health and daughter fertili...



In our “Bull of the month” section of October, we would like to present you two very special bulls: GERMANUS (GERWIN x RADO x RAT) and RAUSCH (RAUREIF x RITZL x RASTER). These two bulls shall act as a...

uploads_sperma_stierfotos_1724612_original_1724612_54196_lipton_de0360775304_hb769000_lightstar (1).jpg

Lipton 769000

We are introducing to you the bull Lipton today. The Lightstar son descends from the famous Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX 92 family. With medium milk yield, he transmits high components and best udder...

uploads_sperma_stierfotos_1777103_66757_original_guanoredgywer158513 (1).jpg
Guano Red

Guano Red 158517

We are introducing to you the bull Guano Red today. The Gywer RDC son descends from the cow family of Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia. Guano Red combines high milk production with very good figures for heal...

uploads_sperma_stierfotos_1793687_66973_original_gladius_823250_gazebo_1.70495 (1).jpg

Gladius 823250

We are introducing to you the bull Galdius today. The current No.1 in Germany by RZG and RZ€ descends from the family of Goldwyn Desiree VG 89. The dam of Gladius, KAY Dollyanna VG 85, had a remarkab...


Brown Swiss

The cow family of SEVILLA (Seasidebloom x Cadi x Himalaya) can only impress every fan of the Brown Swiss breed. His dam, grand dam and great-grand dam are still in the breeder’s bard and present thems...


Marlut 924761

We have chosen the top Red & White sire Marlut as bull of the month September. The Manana Red son descends via Fireman x Brekem RDC X Mogul from the Rabur Outside Pandora EX 91 family. Marlut tr...


Brown Swiss

For those who seek the strong, easy manageable cows with development potential, VERMUNT (Verdi x Vasir x Hogay) is the right choice. His daughters presented themselves medium-framed with wide rumps an...


Brown Swiss

CADURA (Cadence x Huxoy x Huray) is the rising star among the proven Brown Swiss bulls. With his second indexation as a proven bull, he can increase once again in milk-kg and now he’s one of the best ...



SISYPHUS remains the number one of the proven Fleckvieh sires. The Symposium son out of a Wille daughter increased by 5 points in GZW, + 2 in milk index and + 3 in fitness. He’s a real stroke of luck ...


Dreamboy Red 917588

Dreamboy Red descends via Sympatico RDC and EX 92 Talent RDC from the famous show and brood cow KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX 96. The Debutant son convinces with a very good combination of production, lo...

Eurotier Absage.jpg

EuroTier: We do not participate

We have reached the conviction that under the uncertain conditions caused by the Corona pandemic, we cannot account for the health risks of such a large-scale event for both our visitors and our emplo...


Power 924737

Today we are introducing the bull Power to you. Bred by the Swiss breeder Swissbec Genetics, Power can look back on a unique lineage for Red & White, descending from Durango RDC x Mogul x Demello...


Bonum 823160

Today we introduce the bull Bonum to you. This top bull descends from the family of Shottle. The Balisto son convinces with a high milk yield, combined with an outstanding protein percentage, and go...


Checkmate 571878

We are introducing to you the bull Checkmate today. Checkmate is an exceptional red carrier and descends from the Outside Champagne EX 90 cow family. The Aikman son transmits very good fat and prote...


Hotspot 684671

Hotspot P descends via Powerball x Saloon x Snowman x Goldwyn from the well-known European champion of 2006, Batkes Outside Kora EX 94. The Superhero son combines production, longevity and conformati...

Broker PP

Broker PP 917620

We are introducing to you the Red & White polled bull Broker PP today. The Born P RDC son descends from the family of the famous Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97. The homozygous polled Broker PP tr...

Bullenparade Hoe online 2020.jpg

Online bull parade

The bull parade in Höchstädt, which traditionally takes place in early June and normally attracts a large audience, had to be canceled this year. But tnobody has to do without looking at the impressiv...

Freemax Foto

Freemax 811622

We are introducing to you the bull Freemax today. Freemax was born in the Netherlands out of a Canadian embryo. His great grand dam Aija Supersire Makea was a popular bull dam in Canada and brought m...

Armin-Mutter Ronja

Original Braunvieh

Recently we’ve updated our portfolio of Original Braunvieh bulls on our website. This old dual purpose breed is appreciated all around the world for its extreme longevity. A perfect example for the st...

Fleckvieh Estella Zukunft Rind

Zukunft Rind 2020

The Manton daughter Estella, bred by the Habermehl GbR from Allmenrod, won the title Champion of the Dual-Purpose Breeds at the "Zukunft Rind 2020" cattle show. The cow convinces not only with her per...


SPACE 2019

The famous french fair SPACE took place from the 10th to the 13th of September 2019 in Rennes / France. With 1,400 exhibitors from 42 countries and 105,318 visitors, including 14,706 international fro...

German Dairy Show

German Dairy Show

On the 26th and 27th of June the "German Dairy Show" will take place in Oldenburg for the first time. To demonstrate the full range of German milk and dual purpose breeds, the German Livestock Associa...


Visitors from Colombia

Yesterday we received a visit from Stefan Tschampel and his wife from Colombia. Mr Tschampel manages a farm in the coastal area of Colombia where he - in addition to the production of wood on a large ...

Sieger jung - Trude (Herzschlag x Sawart)

Neue Überschrift

In diesem Jahr fand vom 3.-5. Oktober die Ausstellung „Sommet de l’Élevage“ in Clermont-Ferrand, Frankreich, statt. Nicht nur im Zentrum Frankreichs sondern über die Grenzen hinaus bekannt gehört sie ...



In these days (22nd to 30th of September) the EXPO AGASE 2018 takes place at San Esteban, Olancho, Honduras. Embedded in an attractive social program consisting of cultural events, training sessions, ...

Fleckvieh & Holstein

New GGI - SPERMEX GmbH catalogues

Dear Fleckvieh friends, partners and customers, GGI-SPERMEX GmbH is delighted to present you our new Fleckvieh catalogue 2018/19 including an enhanced lineup from the German Fleckvieh sires. The data ...

Feria Nacional, Cutervo

Visiting Peruvian Cattle Breeders

Together with their Peruvian distributor, Clímaco Cardenas, SPERMEX organized several information events for Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh breeders in Peru. Besides seminars in the towns of Ayacucho and C...

Brown Swiss in Peru

Brown Swiss in Peru

The first generation of GERMAN BROWN SWISS arrived in PERU showing us its impressive quality.The first daughters of HACKER (Huray * Hucos) and VANPARI (Vasir * Eptat) already graze in the Mantaro val...

Braunvieh: PAYSSLI Tochter

Neue Überschrift

Braunvieh News – Von Bodnegg/Baden-Württemberg nach HollandTolle Neuigkeiten aus den Niederlanden. Der Holstein- Züchter Rinus Bronzewijker kaufte sich 2014 einige tragende Braunviehrinder. Angekauft ...