30th HighlightSALE as an online auction


30th HighlightSALE as an online auction

30th HighlightSALE as an online auction

The 30th HighlightSALE of the Rinder-Union West eG (RUW) was held as an online auction on January 8th 2021.

With the known mix of genomically highly dispositional young cattle and breeding calves, high class calved heifers and a great collection of Jersey animals as well as – for the first time – Fleckvieh breeding animals, the HighlightSALE offered everything for cattle breeders and friends of beautiful show animals.

A total of 52 animals was sold, 21 of them to customers from the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Top seller of the evening was a daughter of the GGI-SPERMEX bull Best Benz. SON Kristin RDC descends from a deep German cow family and already was one of the most interesting breeding calves before the auction. Not only high breeding values for RZG and RZ€ and the fact that she is a red carrier, but also very high figures in international breeding value systems like NVI and TPI made the Best Benz daughter that interesting. By the end of the night, SON Kristin RDC was sold for 14,800 €.

Besides SON Kristin RDC, even more Best Benz daughters excelled.

LHO Bella impressed with outstanding figures for RZG and RZ€ as well as a great combination of top-class values for longevity and fertility. Bella is out of the world famous cow family of Regancrest-PR Barbie EX 92. The Best Benz daughter was sold to the Netherlands for 14,200 €.

Best Benz daughter THI Casablanca was sold to the Netherlands as well.

Among the young cattle, Freemax daughter Elli scored with highest values for RZ€ and best figures for longevity. Elli descends from the famous cow Clear Echo 822 Ramos 1200 EX 94 and remains in the domestic breeding area. She was sold for 12,800 €.

We congratulate all breeders on these amazing achievements and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future.

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