HOME PP - functional descendants

HOME PP (HOST PP RDD x MY DREAM P RDC x SUPERHERO) descends from the famous breeding farm Wilder Holsteins, where already the legendary HOTSPOT P was bred. He is one of the most important polled bulls in Holstein breeding and his dam WIL Herz P is also the great-granddam of HOME PP.

HOME PP transmits homozygous polled and impressed with a high ammount of milk with positive components (+815 kg, +0,35 % fat, +0,22 % protein). His progeny are medium-framed, robust production cows with highly and firmly attached udders. Teat placement is ideal and teat length is longer. The fantastic RZRobot 132 ranks him as the highest genomic Red- Holstein bull and makes him perfect for farms with automatic milking systems.

The bull stands out with a fantastic longevity with good calving traits (RZKd 110, RZKm 108). He also improves herd health, especially shining in claw health and Mortellaro resistance. Overall, HOME PP shows high economic breeding values (RZ€ 1.990).

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