Fleckvieh - IQ PS



IQ PS – no more excuses for not using polled genetic!

The name of the bull dam Epoche (“epoch”) speaks for itself, because her son IQ PS (IRREGUT PS x HARIBO x RAU) could indeed start a new era in the polled breeding. Last summer, we had the chance to visit the famous breeder Wagner GbR/Thalmässing (Bavaria) as part of a tour with our member @BVN and took some pictures of IQ PS’ dam HARIBO Epoche. What can we say – this cow simply is magnificent! In her 3rd lactation, she presents herself with an enormous body, depth, length, width and a very good udder. This bull dam does away once and for all with the prejudice that strongly muscled cows can give no milk: on an average of two years, she gave 11,108 kg of milk with 4.49% fat and 3.76% protein! Also IQ PS’ grandmother RAU-Evita is still in the breeder’s barn with an average performance of nearly 9,000 kg with 4.46% fat and 3.63% protein. IQ PS himself is an absolute all-rounder. He inherits dual purpose on the highest level with a super fitness. Especially the longevity, milking speed and udder health stand out here. Regarding the type (breeding values 111/116/104/121), we expect Fleckvieh cows like painted. Similar to his mother, IQ PS will make framy, deep, broad and well-muscled cows with very high and tightly attached udders. As one of very few genomic young sires, he inherits again a bit longer teats and is homozygous A2A2. Without MAHANGO Pp, MANOLO Pp or VOLLGAS PS in his pedigree, he can be broadly used. IQ PS is also available sexed female!

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