Poldi 10/167776

POLDI 167776 (2020-08 KeLeKi).jpg

A great diversity of bloodlines is very important in cattle breeding to avoid losses of performance and animal health because of inbreeding. It is therefore all the more pleasing that again and again, bulls with alternative pedigrees but also high breeding values can be found. POLDI is such a stroke of luck. With PUDERBAER x VIANO x NARR in his pedigree, he can be mated almost blindly to the current population. This only available grandson of PERON is a very complete outcross bull. He promises best dual purpose and a very good fitness. With his high breeding values for udder health, persistency and longevity, he brings the easy manageable, inconspicuous Fleckvieh cow that every breeder aims for. Depending the type traits, he nearly leaves nothing to desire and will make beautiful, well-muscled daughters with best udders. Performance strength is anchored in his paternal line as well as in his cow family. His dam VIANO-Vroni gave 11.113 kg milk with 4,03% fat and 3,56% protein on an average of two lactations. Check out POLDI:


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