Bull of the month - October 2020




Germanus and Rausch

In our “Bull of the month” section of October, we would like to present you two very special bulls: GERMANUS (GERWIN x RADO x RAT) and RAUSCH (RAUREIF x RITZL x RASTER). These two bulls shall act as ambassadors for a rare dairy breed which experiences a revival in the last years: the Pinzgauer. This dual purpose breed of Austrian origin is bred in the Alpine region since hundreds of years for a high milk and beef production, but especially for a high robustness. Most of the cows are still kept on the mountain pastures today and have to deal with the extreme weather conditions and changing feeding basis. As a result, a very robust and healthy breed with the ability of high performances and very good feet & legs was formed. The bull GERMANUS, bred by the well-known breeder’s family Riepler, Wagrain, descends from an outstanding and long-living cow family. His grand dam Gräfin gave over 8.000 kg milk on a 7-year average. GERMANUS’ dam is the legendary Rado-daughter Gams, a multiple champion of Pinzgauer shows and meanwhile in her 4th lactation with an average performance of over 7.700 kg milk. The black bull RAUSCH, bred by Maria and Hermann Rainer, Werfenweng, is an absolute rarity. Similar to many other dairy breeds, there are red and black Pinzgauer cows, although the latter ones are very rare. A black Pinzgauer cow has always been seen as a lucky charm in the barn. But not only his colour, also his pedigree makes RAUSCH so interesting: his dam is a highly rated Ritzl-daughter (82-81-84-84). Wether red or black, the Pinzgauer breed is an insider tip for many locations worldwide – we provide you with the best genetic! Both of the bulls are also sexed available!

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