VOLKSWAGEN PS – the new polled all-rounder for broad use!

Volkswagen PS

Volkswagen PS

VOLKSWAGEN PS (VOLLKOMMEN PP x WHOISWHO PS x WUNDERKIND P*S x SOLO Pp) has everything you can wish for the current polled breeding in Fleckvieh. A high amount of milk with positive protein-%, the best beef performance, high breeding values for longevity and somatic cell count and a functional type without extremes. Especially satisfying is the fact that he’s a real bloodline alternative, his pedigree is completely without MAHANGO, VOTARY, MANOLO or VOLLGAS. A glance at his cow family shows that his breeder, the Potzel family from Seybotenreuth/Bavaria did everything right by using consequently polled genetic. Already Merli P, VOLKSWAGEN PS’ great-great-grandmother was a polled cow! His mother and grandmother convince with high milk performances with on average nearly 11,500 kg and 9,000 kg milk, respectively, and good components. The calving ease of VOLKSWAGEN PS is estimated normal, his high ETMI makes him also very interesting for organic farms. VOLKSWAGEN PS – the bull for highly-performing, long-living polled cows!

Volkswagen PS

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