Progeny tour Brown Swiss - Erwin



Progeny tour of ERWIN 10/345800

ERWIN (ERASCO x HARLEY x VASIR) Erwin is one of the highest daughter proven Brown Swiss-bulls at the moment. With the indexation of April, he once again rises by 6 points in GZW and brings a medium amount of milk with an extremely high fat content, a very good persistency, fertility and longevity. Recently we’ve had a look at several daughters of him, they shall be described in the following.

The ERWIN-daughters present themselves as very pleasing, medium-framed cows. At the first glance, we noticed the good chest width and the long, slightly sloped rumps. The feet and legs were throughout faultless, the swollen hocks which we feared because of his breeding values were luckily not observed. But the showpiece of the ERWIN-daughters are the udders: very long and sufficiently wide, tightly attached and very high. The bit finer teats are perfect in length and placement. Especially the good texture of the udders is something very rarely seen.

The overall impression of ERWIN is that he makes daughters with excellent udders and a lot of development potential which will stay in your herds for many years. Together with his very complete breeding pattern in production and health traits, he’s a very interesting bull for many locations all over the world. Use him – you won’t regret it!

Here you can watch his daughters in the video:

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