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Today we would like to draw your attention to an old breed with a great potential: the Original Braunvieh. The Original Braunvieh, also referred to as “Braunvieh alter Zuchtrichtung” (Braunvieh old breed), is the original form of the Brown Swiss breed, which is bred in the Alpine area since hundreds of years without the influence of American Brown Swiss genetic. It’s a dual purpose breed with a good milk and beef performance and it’s furthermore characterized by a high robustness, longevity, a good character and a high adaptability. We have a broad range of bulls of different bloodlines, some of them shall be presented in the following.

LANDGRAF (LUDWIG x MINGO x HOLD) from the Looser farm in Ulisbach/Switzerland exceeded all expectations with the performances of his daughters. He brings well-typed and highly performing cows with a good fertility, udder health and calves’ vitality. His dam Alina made 5 lactations and gave 8,357 kg of milk with 4.81% fat and 3.47% protein in her 3rd lactation. LANDGRAF himself was culled at the age of 3 years and brought a slaughter weight of 672 kg, which shows the enormous beef potential of the breed.

There’s also already a son of LANDGRAF available: LANDADEL (LANDGRAF x EDISON x MARK) from the renowned breeders’ family Ritter in Kronburg/Allgäu (@OriginalBraunvieh). His dam Nelke simply is a stunning cow: in the pictures below, she’s dry to her 7th lactation and shows herself incredibly framy, deep and broad.

WILLI (WOTAN x VULKAN x CLAUDIUS) descends from a beautiful VULKAN-daughter from the Staudacher farm in Bildstein (Austria), which was classified 9-8-8-8. A well-developed heifer of WILLI was sold in May of this year for more than 2,700€ at the auction in Imst/Austria.

GAUNER (GLOBUS x IDOL x WALHALL) and WILDFANG (WURF x RADAR x PERSEUS) bring old genetics from the Allgäu region back into the population with fathers from the 60s. Both descend from enormously long-living cow families. The dam of WILDFANG from the Vetter farm in Bad Wurzach made 13 (!) lactations. Also GAUNER’s dam from the Pro Arte gGmbH in Heiligenberg made 8 lactations.

WALLER (WURf x GLOBUS x ILANZ) is a very beefy, well-muscled Original Braunvieh bull. On top of that, the WURF-son from the Ferling farm in Schleifmühle convinces with correct feet & legs, a calm character and a good own performance.

POKER, a POKWAZ-son from the Frauenkron farm in Hellenthal, brings a good persistency, beef performance and beta-casein A2A2. On top of that, he inherits a high protein content.

If you’re interested in Original Braunvieh, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

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