The new „cow-maker“!

HOKUSPOKUS 10/857432

With HOKUSPOKUS (HURLY x NARR x ZAHNER), we present you today one of the best and most complete daughter proven Fleckvieh sires. The HURLY-son from the MEYER-farm in Colmberg/Bavaria descends from the same cow line as the famous MANIGO. His dam Nelle, a fourfold bull dam, is still in the breeder’s barn with a lifetime production of 80,000 kg at the milking robot and milks meanwhile 50 kg/day. HOKUSPOUS himself is a real all-rounder: a high amount of milk with neutral components, a very high beef performance and the best fitness. Especially the daughters’ fertility, calves’ vitality and his ecological TMI stand out. On top of that, he’s suitable for heifers and hasn’t the weakness of his father with the bad milking speed, with an index of 103, he’s even slightly positive in this trait. Looking at the type, his daughters convince all along the line, they are tall-framed cows with correct feet and excellent udders. Only the slightly below-average muscling should be kept in when it comes to the mating. Last but not least, HOKUSPOKUS is homozygous A2A2 and available sexed female and male! For more information:


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