Bulls with a strong pigmentation


Bulls of the month – bulls with a strong pigmentation

At locations with grazing systems and a high solar radiation, e.g. in South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, but more and more also in Europe, a strong pigmentation of the cows is necessary to protect the skin naturally from the UV radiation. Red covered animals with spots around the eyes are ideal because especially the eyes tend to irritations up to eye cancer, which can lead to a need to cull the cow. Due to eye pigmentation, the risk for eye cancer is lowered by “natural sunglasses”.

GGI-Spermex offers you a broad range of strong pigmented bulls from different bloodlines and for different needs. Some of them are presented in the following.

Already well-known and extremely popular is the DAX-son DREAM. He brings the best dual purpose and a high type quality. New among the daughter proven bulls is VOLLGENIAL. This son of VOLTAIRE brings a good amount of milk with a high fat content and long, high udders. Already a bit older is HICKS. His daughters are characterized by their good muscling, milk performance, udder health and persistency. A real “evergreen” is MONUMENTAL. For those who want medium-framed cows with excellent feet and udders and a good fitness, this is the right bull. HUGOBOSS guarantees a high amount of milk, a good milking speed and very good feet. A polled and daughter proven sire is INCRIME PS. He brings rather dairy-typed, framy daughters with a strong central ligament and a good milk performance. An insider tip for fans of high type bulls (111/107/109/126) is the DELL-son DIAMANT. Furthermore, he’s homozygous A2A2 and brings a good dual purpose character.

Among the genomic young sires, HEGEL has already called the attention. The combination of HERKULES and SISYPHUS in his pedigree promises a high milk performance and good components. WOISSTNU is something special because of his dam, the DELL-daughter Muggel. The latter one is already in her 5th lactation with an average performance of 8,293 kg of milk with 4.76% fat and 3.79% protein. HARLEKIN Pp, the only available HUBERTUS-son, is polled and inherits very balanced in milk, beef and fitness with a perfect type. A high amount of milk, udder health, longevity and probably easy calvings – that’s what VARGAS stands for. His breeding values promise medium framed cows with nice feet and udders. MORES is an absolute all-rounder with a high amount of milk, a good persistency and fertility. For those who want to improve the milk performance and udder quality at the same time, HERBIG is the right choice!

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