Brown Swiss: Hirsch


Progeny tour of HIRSCH

Progeny tour of HIRSCH 10/345710

The daughter proven HIMALAYA-son HIRSCH (HIMALAYA x HURAY x VASIR) Hirsch brings a very high milk production with the best persistency and an optimal milking speed, on top of that the desired casein-variants BB/A2A2. Recently we were able to watch some daughters of him which proved his qualities as an excellent sire for type.

HIRSCH-daughters are tall framed, long in the body and dairy-typed. In the overall expression, the good backline and the long, sloped rumps stand out. The excellent feet & legs convince with very dry hocks and strong pasterns. The udders please with a very good length and height with a perfect teat length and teat placement. Furthermore, all breeders praised the calm character of the HIRSCH-daughters.

If you’re looking for a bull which improves significantly the milk production and type in your herd, HIRSCH is the right choice! Here you can watch the HIRSCH-daughters in the video:

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