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GGI-SPERMEX GmbH represents 12 leading German cattle breeding organizations in the global market for cattle genetics.

GGI-SPERMEX is a competent partner for all questions about cattle breeding, farm management and supports animal husbandry and A.I. organizations all over the world in the development and improvement of breeding programs as well as in the supply of all material necessary for artificial insemination.

GGI-SPERMEX combines the experience of more than 1,500 employees of its member organizations with the expertise of agricultural universities and research facilities and makes it available to customers worldwide.

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GGI-SPERMEX offers cattle breeders in more than 85 countries in the world access to the entire range of German breeding programs characterized by variety and reliability. Genetics offered worldwide by GGI-SPERMEX meet the desires of German and international cattle breeders for cows known for production and longevity with functional conformation and good health traits as well as excellent fertility. The breeding values of the bulls offered by GGI-SPERMEX are based on independent, state-controlled data collection and processing, meeting all international standards or even exceeding them. Registration, milk recording and breeding value estimation are carried out consistently across Germany according to laws and rules.

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When it comes to cattle breeding, Germany is No.1 in the world: The potential of GGI-SPERMEX is based on the largest registered herd book population of Holsteins and Red Holsteins, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss the most complete and biggest reference samples of daughter proven sires as background for genomic selection, one of the oldest herd books and the most comprehensive breeding programs worldwide.

Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh
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