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Sire Catalogues

GGI-SPERMEX proudly presents the new 2022 catalogue for Holstein and Red Holstein. If you are looking for Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss, a separate catalogue for these breeds is also available at GGI-SPERMEX. Please contact GGI-SPERMEX or our international partners on site.

Latest News

  • Fleckvieh / Brown Swiss
  • ·
  • 10.08.2022

Neue Überschrift

One of the highest genomic Fleckvieh newcomers is ENSBACH Ensbach, bred by the Köhnlein GbR/Westheim (Bavaria). This EASY-son impresses, regarding his phenotype, with an enormous body depth and brings...

  • Holstein / Red Holstein
  • ·
  • 08.08.2022

FOREMAN – an exceptional bull

FOREMAN (FREEMAX x RUBICON x BALISTO) is probably one of the best known genomic Holstein sires. In April 2021 he was able to attract attention for the first time with RZG of over 170 points. His dam S...

  • Holstein / Red Holstein
  • ·
  • 04.08.2022

Summery show "RinderVision" in Bismark

In summery temperatures, breeders from the breeding area of our partner RinderAllianz presented their most beautiful show cows to the national and international audience on June 2nd 2022. After a two-...

  • Holstein / Red Holstein
  • ·
  • 29.07.2022

FREEZER – the progeny tested all-rounder

Today we present you FREEZER (FINDER x SILVER x FANATIC), a half brother of CONVERSE (CONCERT x SILVER) and a full brother of FIXIT (FINDER x SILVER). The bull descends from the Dutch Liesje cow famil...

You too can profit from this enormous potential!


GGI-SPERMEX – the first source of top-class genetics for your cows!

Merged from the well-established German export organizations German Genetics International GmbH and SPERMEX GmbH, the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH started its operational business on July 1st 2018 and will represent 12 German breeding and A.I. organizations on the international market for cattle genetics.

Through the merger of both export organizations into the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH having its offices in Northern and Southern Germany, a company was formed that is unique internationally. GGI-SPERMEX unifies 12 members from across Germany offering experience, know-how and genetics from their areas. Having their own, strong breeding programs based on the largest registered breeding populations worldwide, the members of GGI-SPERMEX have the entire variety of cattle breeds present in Germany – on the highest level.

Bundled in a unique portfolio – consisting of the key breeds Holstein, Red Holstein, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss and completed by more than 20 further cattle breeds, i.e. Angler, Jersey as well as several dual purpose and beef breeds – you have access to German top-class genetics through GGI-SPERMEX – from anywhere in the world!

Benefit from our enormous potential!

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