GGI-SPERMEX on the go – the new app of GGI-SPERMEX



In future, you will have GGI-SPERMEX always available – wherever you are. From now on, you can browse the bull portfolio of GGI-SPERMEX and many more using your smartphone or Tablet – both for Android and iOS – even without Internet connection.

Easy to understand and with a few clicks, you have access to our bull portfolio. Holsteins, Red Cattle/Angler, Red and White DP, beef and dual purpose breeds as well as Fleckvieh/Simmental are well-arranged and fully represented. Lists for polled and sexed bulls, but also for hereditary traits like Kappa Casein, Beta Casein as well as aAa code can be easily found.

You can simply filter and sort according to your wishes in the bull lists. Move bulls you want to have a closer look at to favorites. “Favorite” bulls can be filtered or marked by several criteria. Recommend interesting bulls quickly to your contacts via Twitter, Facebook or email.

The GGI-SPERMEX App is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Serbo-Croatian and Chinese.

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