Murnau Werdenfels cattle

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Name Sire Dam's sire
ADLER Rank Roexar
ALPSPITZ Rank Roexar
BERGFEX Berket Xaver
BERGWIND Berg Bergfex
BERKET Bergaz Rakete
IDEFIX Isatis Roexar
NEBEL Notar Roexes
NOTAR Notaire Roexar
ROEGAZ Roemer Bergaz
ROMANUM Roexar Rakete
XAMER Xaver Roemer
XAVERL Xaver Roexar
XENON Xaver Berket
XYLON Xaverl Rakete
ZAUBER Zeppelin Xalim

Breed characteristics

The Murnau Werdenfels breed is an old landrace breed from the hilly and marshy regions in Upper Bavaria.


Murnau Werdenfels cattle have light to dark yellow, to red-brown and even dark coat with light eel back. The animals’ muzzle is dark with light side. The eyes are also dark with light side.

Polled status:

The animals have horns. The horns are white-yellow and the black horn tips are characterized by clearly above average robustness.


The medium-sized animals have very solid hooves and are especially suitable to be kept in humid regions due to high joint robustness. Thanks to very good agility they can walk very well on steep pastures.

Production traits:

Murnau Werdenfels cattle are very frugal animals. They are very vital, have very high adaptability to rough climate and are especially characterized by longevity and high fertility.

Milk production is at ca. 4,000 kg/year with 3.6 % fat and 3.3 % protein. A feature of this breed is the unique composition of milk proteins. Murnau Werdenfels cattle have the highest frequency of the beta lactoglobulin D. Unique is also the frequency of beta lactoglobulin W, named after Werdenfels.

The young bulls‘ fattening yield is remarkable as well. They can have daily weight gains of up to 1.3 kg. The meat of Murnau Werdenfels also shows special marbling.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 138 - 145

ca. 128 - 130

Weight, kg

ca. 850 - 950

ca. 500 - 600