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Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
EIKO 10/204538 Eikichi Kenhanafuji 2015 Pedigree, Beef quality, Frame and milk
ICHIRO 10/204531 TF Itomichi 1/2 Shigeshige 2015 Fullblood, Muscling
ITOHIRA 10/204274 Itoyoshiha Hirashiget 2008
ITOKARO ET 10/204504 ITOMICHI TF728 ITOYOSHIHA 2012 Length, Top Line, Good character
ITOMAYBE 10/204401 Itoshigefu Mjb Musashi 2011
LAKE WAGYU 10/204565 Lake Wagyu Hirashiget 2016
MID HIRASHI 10/204567 Hirashiget Sanjirou MIlk, Frame, Calving ease
MOTO MOTO 10/204674 Itomoritak Fukutsuru 2017
TERUYAM 10/204260 Teruyaman Hirashiget 2007 High indices for type and muscling, Fullblood-sire from the Tajima-line, Suitable for pure- and crossbreeding
VG TSUYOSHI 10/204525 VG Teruyam Homoritak 2015 Fast growing, Type, Pedigree
WAKIZASHI 10/204477 Itoshigefu KITATERU 2014
YOKURO 10/204697 Kuro Yojimbo 2018 Marbling, Growth, For Pure- and Crossbreeding
YOROITOSHI 10/204478 Itoshigefu KITATERU 2014

The breed in general

Wagyu cattle originate from Japan.


Wagyu cattle have a single-colored black or red to red-brown coat. Black animals’ hooves are dark brown to black; red animals’ hooves are light.

Polled status:

The horns are little to moderately bent and have a strong horn onset. There are also genetically polled animals.


The medium-sized cattle have a light head, strong fore hand of good depth with lots of harmony, and almost horizontal, slightly sloped rumps. The animals have fine, dry extremities with strong, relatively big hooves. They show a harmonious muscularity with good, stretched haunches and wide, well-muscled shoulder. Their coat is short and straight.

Production traits:

The calm and good-natured Wagyu cattle are especially suitable for pasture grazing. The female animals are even ready for service at the age of 15 months, males already at the age of 12 months. They have very good fertility and a calving interval of 365 days. They calve continually and easily. They have good maternal qualities and sufficient milk to raise their own calves. The most important attribute of the breed is the production of excellent carcases with extremely high marbling degree of the meat through very high percentage of intramuscular fat.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 145

ca. 132

Weight, kg

ca. 1,000

ca. 650


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