Name Sire Dam's sire Tägl. Zun. 360 Tage Tägl. Zun. 200 Tage Birth weight RZF Reliability
EDEKA INGO P GLEN HOLLOW PLAYER 7D P Glenhollow 747 9Z 1356 1137 40

The breed in general

The Shorthorn cattle originate from England, more precisely from the area between Durham and York. In the 19th century Shorthorns were crossbred with many cattle breeds in Europe. A small breeding area also developed in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, where the German Shorthorn is still present today.


Shorthorn cattle can have the colors red, white and spotted red-grey and red-white. The muzzle is incarnadine.

Polled status:

The animals can have short horns; the predominant part of the population is genetically polled today.


The medium-sized to framy animals have a short head, long and box-shaped body, correct, dry feet & legs as well as strong hooves. They have good muscularity on shoulder, back, loin, rump and haunch.

Production traits:

Shorthorn cattle are known for calving ease and vital calves. The robust animals have good roughage feed intake capacity. They are early-maturing and have high carcase yield, and the meat is well-marbled.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 155

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,100

ca. 630


Shorthorn Creaga Java - JCJ