Piemontese cattle

Name Sire Dam's sire Tägl. Zun. 360 Tage Tägl. Zun. 200 Tage Birth weight RZF Reliability
GANDALF Pp GRANDO Pp Cedro 1163 38
GAVINO PP GRANIT P Grande P 1277 38
GRANDIOS P GRANDE Pp* Timo 1067 903 34

Breed characteristics

Piemontese cattle originate from the northwest Italy region.


Piemontese cattle are light grey with darkly pigmented muzzle and anus. The rims of the eyes, the outside of the ears, tail switch, mucosa, labia, hooves and horn tips are supposed to be dark pigmented, too. The bulls are darker on the shoulder, upper arm, eye area and tail switch than cows. The calves are born with red-yellow color and change their color after a few months.

Polled status:

Piemontese cattle can have horns and be genetically polled.


The medium-sized breed is fine-boned. Feet and legs are clean, dry, and correct and show good, strong hooves. All meat body parts are long and wide.

Production traits:

Piemontese cattle are calm animals with good pasture ability. They also have good fertility, longevity and calving ease with good maternal traits. The protein-containing meat is tender, fine-grained with low fat and bone percentage.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 150

ca. 135

Weight, kg

ca. 1,000

ca. 700


Gandalf Pp 204589