Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
NIGHTFIRE PP 10/204678 Jaguar Player 2017 Daily net gain, Fertility, Calving ease

Breed characteristics

Hereford cattle originate from Herefordshire in England. Breeding of these cattle has been carried out since the 17th century there.


Hereford cattle have a red-brown coat with white head being passed on dominantly. The neck, chest, belly, legs and tail switch are white, too.

Polled status:

There are both horned and genetically polled animals.


The animals are medium-sized to framy. The breed shows harmonic, well-proportioned body stature with deep carcase. Especially the fore hand shows strong muscularity.

Production traits:

Due to their robustness and outstanding feed intake capacity on pastures, Hereford cattle are suitable for year-round free-range housing. Hereford cows have very good calving ease thanks to their wide rumps and also low calf birth weights. A special characteristic is excellent meat quality. They have an early-maturing carcase. The meat has special marbling and fine flavor. Remarkable fine fibrousness makes it really tender.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 150

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,130

ca. 730


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