Grazing Galloway herd


Name Sire Dam's sire Tägl. Zun. 360 Tage Tägl. Zun. 200 Tage Birth weight RZF Reliability
CAMPARI Caruso Wolf
DEAN Donau Plano 1026 30

Breed characteristics

Galloway cattle originate from the eponymous council area Galloway in southwest Scotland.


Galloways can have different colors. Firstly, pigmented single-colored on the entire body in the colors black, dun or red. There are also White Galloways. The basic color of those animals is white. Pigmentations can occur on muzzle, ears, around the eyes ad feet. Moreover, there are Belted Galloways, whose characteristic is a white belly ring without further spots. The type last named is the Rigget Galloway. The animals are mainly pigmented on the body, but have white eye drops and a white neck.

Polled status:

The animals are genetically polled.


The head is short and wide, the muzzle is wide as well and the ears go up slightly and are pointed forward with long hair. Neck and chest are solid, wide and deep. The body shows lots of harmony, is compact and symmetrical.

Production traits:

Due to their robustness, durability and strong maternal instinct, Galloways are especially suitable for year-round free-range housing. The cattle have very good roughage feed intake capacity and good meat yield with very good marbled, fine-grained meat quality.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 155

ca. 140

Weight, kg

ca. 1,100

ca. 630


Galloway Optimist 204505