Beef Fleckvieh/Simmental

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Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
Name Herd book number Sire Dam's sire born. Special feature
ALVARO PP* 10/603233 Aladin PP* Leo 2015
BORIS PP 10/603201 Baron PP Padua PP 2015 International erfolgreiche Vaterlinie Aus schauprämierter Kuhfamilie Überlegene Eigenleistung mit hoher Körbewertung (8-8-8)
BRANOS PP 10/603147 Bruno Pp Ronaldo P 2012
CAESAR PP 10/603199 CAMPINO PP* LASZLO P 2014 For heifers, Combination of the best German and Danish genetic, Type
CSW HEIM PP 10/603148 CSW Hagen PS CSW Lazlo Pp 2012 Genetics for all environmental conditions
CSW SAPHIR PP 10/603186 CSW Santana PP CSW Zappa S.W. P 2014 Type traits, For heifers
ENZIAN PP 10/603159 EXCALIBUR Pp JOCKER Pp 2012 Beef, Type, Feet & Legs, Average calving ease
EREBOR PP 10/603270 Empire SP PP* Otbert 2017
EUROPOKER P 10/603022 EURO PP POKER PP 2002 Pigmentation, High EUROP trade class, Calving ease
GABRIEL 10/603210 General P Poldau 2015
HANNIBAL PP* 10/603134 Hoeness Baltasar 2011 Pigmentation
HECTOR PP 10/603223 Hallas PP Bruno Pp 2015 Pigmentation, Muscling, Fertility
LANCELOT PP 10/603246 Leeky Soup PP Hornsa P 2016 Available with sexed semen (male), Champion Fleckvieh Beef / Simmental Groß-Kreutz/Berlin
LUNIS PP 10/603250 Lotus PP Ottawa 2017 Bloodline, High daily gains, Calving ease
PENALTY 10/603067 Pele Marian 2007
PILGRIM P 10/603093 Pele Marian 2009 Production, Calving ease
POKER PP 10/603004 POSEIDON HEROLD 1998 Show bull, Proven
ROSWINO 10/600507 Roswin PP* Oswald PP 2014
SAENKO PP 10/403101 Stahlguss PP Lektor Pp 2007
SAMSON PP 10/603211 Strabinos Pp* Excalibur 2015 Exceptional bull, Used as sire of sons internationally, Sexed semen available
SOKRATES PP 10/603139 Scholl Kompass 2011 Homozygous polled, Pedigree
SOLO PP 10/603155 VIN. SAMSON PP ARON P 2012 Polled
STANLEY PP 10/603215 STEINADLER PP HOENESS PP* 2015 Southern German Champion 2017, Excellent type, High RZF
STRABINOS Pp 10/403122 STRABINO PP HENRI P 2010 Muscling, Feet & Legs, Vitality
URS PP 10/603291 Ursus Pp MAJESTÄT PS 2018
ZEDER PP 10/603204 Zambia PP* Apostle PP 2015

Breed characteristics


The body of Fleckvieh cattle is muted, pied, speckled from dark red-brown to light yellow on white base color. Lower belly, feet, tail switch and head are mainly white.

Polled status:

Horns are light with yellow tips slightly bowed out and up. Moreover, they can be genetically polled.


The medium-sized to framy animals have a long, wide and deep body with dry, sufficiently strong feet and legs and firm hooves. The animals have very good muscularity on all important body parts.

Production traits:

The animals are calm, well-tempered and are especially suitable for grazing due to high weight gains, consistent, trouble-free calving and best maternal abilities. Calves have good growth vitality and high weaning weights. Fleckvieh cattle have very good fertility, very high feed intake capacity during fattening, very good weight gains and distinct muscularity with low fatty degeneration of the carcase.




Sacral bone height, cm

ca. 157

ca. 147

Weight, kg

ca. 1,200

ca. 800


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